Monzo App Assistant option

(Damon Meadowcroft ) #1

How about an option to switch on an assistant on your Monzo app that gives you either motivational messages about how your spending, or funny little messages about spending too much. For example
‘Mark, you are spending way too much, close that wallet’
‘Mark you’re spending far too much on coffee this month’
Mark, you’re doing really well this month, keep up the good work’


Some of the aggregators do similar things.

I personally don’t like it.

(Only available in amateur ) #3

Could you do that with IFTTT?

(Jonathon) #4

I like the idea, but right now no service is really good at spotting trends that aren’t already noticed by anyone who has even the slightest eye on their monthly finances.

Everything works only if you have a regular income at the same time and only direct debits set up on a monthly basis and have no oddities within the month or extra income or outgoings.

(Andrew Ross) #5

How about we call him Clippy? :face_with_monocle: