Monzo and step-counting rewards

I am new to Monzo and like the idea of using IFTTT to give me a reward for exercising. I know I can do this for Strava, rewarding a run - is there any way I can do it with a step-counting app on an Android phone, does anyone know? I can’t find any straightforward pedometer apps that link with IFTTT but find tracking my steps a good way to motivate me to be fitter…

Do any of the app export to Google Sheets?

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You can link to Fitbit and use that but can’t see anyway to link ifttt to google fit, unless I missed it

Thanks! I don’t have a Fitbit and it doesn’t look like the Fitbit app will count steps without a Fitbit device… It’s a bit weird that Google Fit doesn’t link to IFTTT when other Google things do!

Looks like you can use your phone instead of a Fitbit watch to count steps in the app…

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