Monzo and Phone Card Transactions

I went to order some Indian food for tonight and part of the local Indian take aways no contact policy during the lockdown is to take all payments by card over the phone before collection.

I used my monzo card number and CVC code and got a notification in the app that it had gone through.

However on the take aways end he said that it had gone through but with some security check with no authorisation code.
Manager said it’s fine.

Is this normal when using monzo cards over the phone. This is the first time I’ve done it.

Going to ask the chat and see the charge slip when I pick the order up.

I just ordered a Chinese 5 mins ago doing the exact same process but no mention of any strange authorisation issues for me.

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Yes over the phone sometimes requires in app approval

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If I understand, yes it’s common for there to be no Auth code for customer not present transactions.


Spoke to chat and showed them the charge slip, they believe it was a issue with their Machine but the manager at the takeaway said it was fine and had gone through.

Was a nice takeaway

The machine was probably updated in 1763 so I’m not surprised it wasn’t a smooth process!

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