Monzo and Microsoft Azure

Hi all,
I love Monzo for my daily stuff like restaurants, Amazon, grocery shopping and coffee so I’ve decided to start using it as my main card and on my first attempt do that I was: no_entry:
I’ve been trying to use my Monzo card to register for a Microsoft Azure account but unfortunately my registration was denied due to Monzo being a pre-paid card.

This is a big issue for me, I cannot rely on Monzo to be my main payment method if I’m unable to pay for all kind of services.

Any chance this could be resolved?

It will be when current accounts are launched as then the card will be a debit card


You must also remember that Monzo is still in the beta stage, as printed at the top right of your card. But as Richard has said, when the full accounts are here everything will be dandy.


This is due Q1/2 so it won’t be too long. Just use something else for Azure in the meantime