Monzo allowances

My Monzo app states my allowances will reduce after 15-Dec-2020 (limiting free cash withdrawals in the EEA), however, I believe I already meet the criteria to keep these privileges based on my account usage - is there anything I need to do to ensure they are maintained?

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Contact Monzo through the app and ask the question of them directly, and they’ll be able to look at it.

You can find the link to start a chat by tapping the ? icon at the bottom right of the app and typing ‘contact’ in the search box, then opening the ‘Contacting support’ article.

Cheers Nick, I’ll take a look.

If you weren’t aware these are not a one-time thing you need to do. It’s checked every 30 days and is a rolling contract.

Otherwise as Nick said have a chat with them in app :slight_smile:

same, says my allowances will change on 24th Dec…