Monzo Adverts

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Interesting to compare with N26.


I like that. Looks like an advert for an actual bank. The monzo adverts, for some reason, don’t seem to be from am actual bank. No idea why. Just something about them


I really like #2, but #1 feels like an in-joke that doesn’t translate to new people, and #3 like it sets unrealistic expectations to maintain. I would then feel let down if I didn’t get something if I had a child.



Die mobile bank, die!


Today’s advert was brought to you by RBS, HSBC, Barclays and Lloyds Banking Group.

(Oliver) #133

Just saw one on the Jubilee line to meet my dad. :grin:

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I love seeing these adverts.

Out of interest - would you share how much the campaign is costing you?

Also if you want any other testimonials from your user base - I’d be happy to oblige.

“I got it because the card is brightly coloured” - Ben, 31, London

“The app is nifty” - Ben, 31, London.

“It’s not Pink, it’s hot coral” - Ben, 31, London.

“You can send GIFs to their customer support team” - Ben, 31, London.


This is great - we need a thread for customer testimonials!

(Liam) #137

Saw Monzo video ads at Perth railway station yesterday!


Tell me more, tell me more!

(Tom) #139


I saw Monzo video ads at work recently. Didn’t know about the ones on the tube.

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I do know where you’re coming from though :joy: It is hard to put a finger on why though :yum:

I think that Monzo has personality :stuck_out_tongue: That’s (for me) what sets them apart from all other banks :grin: Everything they do, ads, blog posts, artwork, etc. it all has personality where no other bank seems to!

(Liam) #142

With most bank adverts I swear you can go the whole thing without knowing that they’re advertising a financial institution.

More often than not they’re advertising a vague positive feeling followed by their logo.

(Caspar) #143

I saw a big animated ad in Angel station over the weekend. Almost caused an escalator drama trying to stop and look at it. Looked great! (My friend couldn’t understand why I cared so much about an ad for a bank…)


Seen one on the Manchester Metrolink

And such attention to detail, the top transaction is Transport for Greater Manchester (TFGM) instead of TFL

(Marco Slater) #145

Started seeing them in Manchester City centre a few weeks ago, was quite surprised, but I like it! Hopefully more people pick up on it and sign up! :smiley: