Monzo account still stuck on verification pending?

So I wanted to get started with your future online banking service as an alternative to my normal banking. So I headed over to your website and downloaded the app. Well I didn’t have a monzo login so from the app it told me to input my email. It sent me a email to log me in and I wasn’t assigned a password so far. Then I uploaded my id and verification video. I am still waiting on the account and documents verification. I can’t use the app or get started with monzo. Could you please check the process of my verification thank you hope you can help. Just now I created an official monzo account online to start this topic

You won’t get/create a password, Monzo uses ‘magic links’ to log you in, they send one to your email each time you have to re-log in.

As @Hatticus it’s just a case of waiting for an update now.

Great customer service my documents have literally been approved right now thanks a lot @Hatticus @glasgow


Glad it’s all sorted for you :+1:

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