Monzo account DOESN'T exist?

(Nasilimwe mn Lubinda ) #1

Hello I have a monzo card already but it’s saying my account DOSENT exist went I try to log in I also have had my card for 3months


You using the correct email that you signed up with?


Hmm, sounds odd. Have you recently changed email address?

I’d suggest dropping Monzo a line at - they’ll be able to look into it for you!

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #4

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(Richard Cook) #5

Hi there,

We’re sorry to see you’re having trouble with your account at the moment. Unfortunately this isn’t something we can help out with here on the forum.

The best place to get this sorted out is through our in-app chat, or by email at Our team will be happy to investigate what’s happened here.