Monzo - 2019 - Will it Thrive or Fail?

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #62

Monzo don’t do this themselves :slight_smile:

I’m sure that’ll change this year, Monzo want to offer cheque imaging ‘soon’ so hopefully there will be exciting news on this front :sunglasses:

(Only available in amateur ) #63

You got a link for that info? I know someone else clears their cheques, there’s stripe, and there’s a third party between them and FPS but all the rest is them

(Michael) #64

Otherwise independent

(Only available in amateur ) #65

The prepaid accounts were Barclays if that’s what you mean

(Dilpreet Singh) #66

:rofl: Its funny,

barclays is clearing bank. so monzo can have their sort code.

i am sure somebody from monzo can tell you what i am saying is true friend.

(Tristan) #67

Hello all, I started the other thread and wish to apologise as I didn’t realise this one was so similar, what I have since learnt from all of the great discussion is that there’s a variety of topics… And opinions too many to list.

I wish I could distill all these great ideas and feedback. Can I ask how does monzo use feedback and gain insight into actual community feedback rather than the loudest and most opinionated amongst us? (Myself included)

(Only available in amateur ) #68

Nope 04-00-04 is all Monzo. Look it up

(Jack) #69

Great post here from @simonb (located on the other thread):

Next year refers to 2019 :slight_smile:

(All Hail the Almighty Doge) #70

If you can’t provide source then what you are saying is not true.

(Jack) #71

Monzo staff are very active on the forum, they read a lot of posts (just because they don’t comment doesn’t mean they aren’t listening).
I suggest if you want to provide feedback look for an existing thread on the same topic / feature first and post there, if it doesn’t exist feel free to create a new one.

(Neil M) #72

The clearing bank issue is mostly red tape. I was mostly trying to think of any negatives but then I know why its taking so long. So it doesn’t really bother me.
Learning from experience is another important positive for Monzo

(Simon B) #73

Actually our clearing bank is NatWest :grinning:

A clearing bank is just a bank you have an agency agreement with for the purpose of clearing cheques (and other services that we don’t offer like postal orders).

We don’t have any other relationship with them, we don’t get charged per account (as an earlier post indicated), and our sort code 100% belongs to us :grinning:

(Dilpreet Singh) #74

i am telling you friend.

(Splodf) #75

You are telling us incorrectly that’s what you’re doing.

(Michael) #76


(Dilpreet Singh) #77

i was just thinking. great to know

(Michael) #78

You were “telling” a minute ago

Contributions to the forum are always welcome, but you maybe need to come in a lot less hot

(All Hail the Almighty Doge) #79

No you said multiple times it was Barclays

(Jack) #80

Ahh that makes sense, I thought the definition of a clearing bank was one that handled the money behind the senes in a similar way to how prepaid operated. Thanks for clarifying :slight_smile:

(Dilpreet Singh) #81

but still question is how long.
does it matter which bank.