Monthly Budget from last Friday of the month

(pharwood) #1

Hi. Just started using the Budgets feature in Summary and it would really help to be able to set a budget date as “the last Friday of the month” rather than a fixed date!

Any chance of adding this? Being able to see a summary based on when the money actually comes in would make budgeting much simpler!

(Splodf) #2

This is a really common suggestion. Sweeping changes were hinted last year but only a few minor ones appeared.

Monzo have since fallen silent on the matter.

(Matt) #3

Currently the closest I’ve come is setting the last friday manually using 4-weekly mode, but I’m guessing this won’t work when I encounter a 5 week month.

Being able to set “last X of the month” or even “Nth/Nth-last X of the month” would be ideal

(pharwood) #4

Exactly, Matt. The Nth Nday!

The last Friday can be anything from 22nd (such as this month when Feb 28 is a Thursday) to 31st! It would be a big help to be able to do this! Or failing that, perhaps the last weekday to move money around before all the bills on 1st which is what I actually need to do.

(Splodf) #5

I’d be happy with a makeshift, manual, pick every payday this year from a calendar kind of thing, rather then the bodging I currently have to do.