Monolithic forever chat a bad idea

I have been told that the per user single monolithic from start to forever was a specific design decision to help users and staff.

I have racked my brains and I can see nothing what so ever to recommend it.

Finding history and data for a single ongoing topic very hard.
Consistency in staff support very poor
Tracking progress of issues and closing them, unsupported.


That was one of their specific reasons for going with that approach, so we will have to put that one down as a disagreement

So it’s easier to scroll scroll scroll scroll searching for an image of a screen shot bug so you can give them the exact person date and time of the information they are requesting again to help with the bug that you already provided months ago…

… than to pick ticket #1234 with title, from a list view of say three open tickets…?


They say yes, you say no

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Many of us say no :slight_smile:

As much as I love Monzo, this is one topic I have never agreed with them on. Switching to a single support thread was stupid and does the exact opposite of everything they claimed it would help with, as expressed by the OP.


Who else follows this approach?

I don’t know anyone that follows this approach.

How do you differentiate issues? What if you have more than one issue? what if you have multiple accounts with different issues? how does monzo generate stats that allow them to get accurate information on number of issues, types, resolutions, etc.

Maybe someone else does it this way… But i cant think of any, it would be a nightmare to manage for both customer and business.

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Yeah, I can’t think of anyone.

I was just wondering whether there was some great example monzo was trying to follow, which would at least explain this

I have to agree, at least on the customer end it’s just not as good. :pizza:

Yep, agreed. There have been times when I had simultaneous issues with Monzo and had to deal with them one by one, sequentially. That meant that with Monzo’s glacial support times, it took well over 4 days to sort out.

WhatsApp do, and they were specifically mentioned in the blog post

Do you like it, no. Do they like it, seemingly yes

Not quite sure where this discussion goes from there

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I didn’t even know they had chat support… though I’m not sure sure the two are comparable.

The discussion doesn’t go anywhere, op was sharing a common frustration.

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Sorry for delay in following up

Did not mean support for WhatsApp, but WhatsApp itself. That was what was cited in blog post about development of Monzo Chat

Yes, they cited a social communication app as an example and made comments along the lines of “you wouldn’t open a new chat with a friend each time you wanted to talk with them” however, in my opinion that is a very bad comparison.

I wouldn’t open a new chat each time I wanted to talk to a friend, however I wouldn’t be talking to my friend to try and get help with an account specific issue at my bank. I also very rarely need to refer back through the chat history when talking with friends.

It is much easier to find something that needs to be referred to (for example, encountering a similar issue again and needing to find what the last resolution was) in a ticket style system with an individual chat per issue that was encountered.


Oh, that’s even worse. Why would they even make that comparison? Ones a social app for chatting with friends, and Monzos is a support app for getting help with specific infrequent problems. How did they even manage to make any connection between the two… where they high? :joy:

I think your spot on @Nsteer

That’s just bazaar. Are they trying to make it like they’re our friends… Its mind bending, perhaps this is a case of trying to reinvent the wheel to be different, and failing.

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I had use to message them for the first time in months last week on account of my water company messing up a DD

Worked fine for me

I have seen a couple of people mention having multiple issues on the go at once, but that never seems to have been the case for me, and going by the original blog post (that I cannot find right now) I seemed to be much more typical

I guess we cannot rule it out never coming back if enough people find it a bad experience, but for now it seems to be what they find works for them

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