Moneyhub - Sync all of your accounts in one place

Integrate with Moneyhub, as their ‘categorise your spending’ is more advanced than Monzo.

It’s for them to do, not Monzo.

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I don’t think anyone has to anything. It looks like it’s an open banking setup. Whether there’s anything more in there, I haven’t got far enough to tell.

Edit: Actually, I’m not so sure about the open banking thing now. They appear to be logging in directly which I thought many banks had ‘banned’ now OB is available. If that’s what they’re doing, Monzo is off the table due to the lack of a web login method I assume.

Moneyhub is part aggregator (like Truelayer) and part consumer app (like Emma). They offer open banking where it exists (so Monzo, Starling and everyone else). Legally, I think they can still provide screen scraping if there’s no API - although they seem to use it for Nutmeg when there’s an API available…

OK. I saw OB referenced on the front pages but getting into the FAQ started talking about sharing login information for sites like BarclayCard that I’m sure are OB compliant.

Maybe it’s just old data but it gives (me) the wrong impression.

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I haven’t used it in a while but am pretty sure Moneyhub already connects to Monzo. So you can access and categorise your Monzo transactions in the Moneyhub app.

Or do you mean you want Monzo to use Moneyhub’s approach to categorisation and analysis within the Monzo app?


As a Moneyhub user I can confirm that it most definitely will connect with Monzo. R-