This is actually my favourite money management tool. Surprised it’s not been on here before, and now they are giving away shares so there is even more of a reason to sign up.
Use my referral link to get the shares and see if you like it. I think they have more useful information and connections. They are just not as graphical as Emma or Moneyhub.

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Should add this to the referral wiki.


Here is my referral link:

Thanks for sharing! Will I be able to sell these shares in the future?

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for sharing, just signed up and downloaded the app. Will be a big help with my other saving accounts.

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I think so they talk about floating on the markets.


I tried Money Dashboard a while back and ended up going with Emma for a few reasons.

One thing I didn’t like about Money DB was it seemed to require me to manually assign category tags to transactions, unlike Emma which auto-tagged (I appreciate forced manual tagging may be seen as a plus by some). Does it start auto-tagging after you’ve used it for a while?

On the plus side, Money DB does support a much larger range of banks and financial institutions than Emma.


It does auto tagging now which makes life a lot easier. Is it as good as Emma at it? Probably not but I got mine tuned now so very rarely tag anything.

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About 6 months ago I went through all the money management sites/apps I could find and eventually found moneydashboard the best for me due to the simplicity and being about the only one that supported Intelligent Finance!

It’s been great up to last month when a number of transaction on my Lloyds Credit card didn’t show up although future ones did and there seems to be no way of adding them manually. This is despite the accounts regulatory “updating” at least once a day. It’s really annoying that my February data is now incorrect after 6 months of useful data!

An option to add transactions manually would be great.

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