Money management apps

(Jonathon) #144

I tried that. Honestly I was super excited for it all.

I really want a budgeting app that I can easily enter each monthly bill separately, then add in my spending daily and it throw out what my balance might be 10 days, 30 days, 12 months in the future etc etc.


Have you had a look at MoneyDashboard? No need to connect your accounts as they have ‘offline’ options and the ability to update transactions manually.

Has a nice ‘Planner’ that provides a decent forecast in 1-month increments up to 12-months in the future.

They are releasing support for Monzo in the “next few months”. But ‘offline’ is available if you’re not one for wanting to connect.

(Jonathon) #146

I’ll check it out.

I don’t like connecting. Nothing to do with security it’s just not massively accurate sometimes or fast. But I’ll give it a shot.

(Adam Kendrew) #147

I have a spreadsheet that does this. If you are familiar with formulas, it’s really easy to make something specific to how you want to budget. I always find the apps only do 75% of what I want them to do!

I manually enter all my transactions into the Pocket Expense app (recently underwent a redesign which I’m not really a fan of :sweat_smile:) and then use the categories and budget to sync up with my spreadsheet. The bills and my ‘budget’ also sync up nicely with Monzo, now we can manually allocate committed spending.

Although I know spreadsheets aren’t for everybody! :slight_smile:

(Jonathon) #148

I like spreadsheets. I get formulas etc. I just like the prettyness of apps!

(Adam Kendrew) #149

Me too, that’s why I’ve done my best to make my spreadsheet pretty! :wink:


What are the prospects for Connected Money supporting Monzo?


Might be worth asking Bud. They provide the platform on which Connected Money is built, so I presume they would need to support Monzo first.

(Andy) #152

I was a solid Yolt user but I am now team Emma.

Emma has useful notifications about upcoming events.

But I really need either to support my main spend card, Amazon.


Plum Savings (financial assistant chatbot) is worth a look (easiest onboarding process) and just had a decent August with new investments:

Referral link

(Matt C) #154

YNAB has quite literally changed my life, and my brothers. I was in over £8000 worth of debt in 2015 and now I am close to hitting my goal target for a house deposit. It has taken hard work and resistance to needless spending on my part, but the YNAB philosophy has completely transformed how I deal with my money.


Definitely. I’ve recently been debating getting a new phone - I don’t need one but was getting good value for my old phone, but still meant spending a chunk on the new one. A lot of to and fro but decided to keep what I have. That wouldn’t have happened a few years ago.

(Matt C) #156

I am in that exact same situation haha! My phone works fine but is a bit laggy (it is the oldest iPhone I have had). Really need to start putting money aside for a replacement (which I should have been doing for a long time). I have resisted getting one on credit which is what I would have done in the past.

(Dan) #157

Really annoyingly, MacOS Mojave is imminently launching and as a Classic YNAB customer, the Mac app is 32bit and YNAB will not consider upgrading to 64bit.

I know this thread has identified loads of money management apps, but can anyone tell me what the closest thing to YNAB would be? I’ve been using YNAB for over three years and I really used to the way it works. I don’t mind the manual process but I am open to an automated process.

(Matt C) #158

I’m assuming you don’t want to upgrade to YNAB 4? That is what I have been using for the last couple of years. I know some hardcore Classic users don’t like it however.

(Dan) #159

Well I tried it a few years ago and it didn’t seem to have any UK banks and last I heard it doesn’t work with Monzo.

(Matt C) #160

I don’t understand. I thought you were unable to do those things in Classic as well? I have set it up so I have payments running through to YNAB using IFTTT (a developer on the YNAB forum posted how to do this). I think they are looking at IFTTT as an option anyway at some point.

The no UK banks thing is bloody annoying. For me YNAB would be pretty perfect if I could actually get all of my banks to connect to it. Instead I have been entering stuff manually.

(Dan) #161

Well I don’t use the import feature in classic. I prefer to manually enter the name of the company and the amount, just an OCD thing in a way. I didn’t realise IFTTT worked with YNAB, but my next thought is what’s the point in paying for YNAB, especially if it doesn’t work with UK banks?

(Matt C) #162

That is what I do too.

YNAB isn’t officially partnered with IFTTT but they have posted a couple of tutorial posts on their forum for using it. It is another big reason why I have now done the full Monzo switch, as it acts in a way like a bank integration.

In terms of the point in paying for it, if you don’t want to use it then that is fine. I find that the cost has been well worth it in terms of me controlling my finances and getting out of a lot of debt. Personal preference though - other apps might be better for you.

(Dan) #163

I should be clearer, I have no problem in paying for software. I paid for YNAB classic quite happy with the longitude I expected to receive from it. I just generally disagree with the subscription model that they’ve gone into now. It’s a shame because I really like the classic version but there is no compromise with me, when there is a Mac update I will install it.