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I personally use YNAB - and am a big advocate of that style of budgeting (“envelope” or “zero based”).

With Monzo’s API release and YNAB’s API - you can get one to sync with the other automatically (though needs a bit of set up).

If you have more than one bank account (or credit cards) YNAB works well - as it is your TOTAL budget of all money you earn, spend, or save. (Where as in Monzo you are only categorising what you spend within Monzo).

Things I like about YNAB:

  • You can set categories to align with your priorities (vs preset categorisation). If you’re like me and are trying to cut down your Coffee Habit - you can track that more closely.,…
  • The system makes you budget the £ you actually have, not what you think you’ll have
  • I can see trends month to month more easily.
  • It captures credit card spending, and credit card debt easily.
  • Captures multi-accounts.

Cons of YNAB:

  • It is a subscription service (but you’ll likely save the money by using YNAB effectively).
  • Manual Entry if you can’t get your bank to sync (although this connects you more with your money…)
  • There are a few bugs in the software.


I’ve never tried MoneyHub. From what you’ve mentioned, the things it seems to have that Emma and Yolt don’t are the ability to define your own categories and the ability to add manually managed accounts.

Is there anything else it has that Emma and Yolt don’t have that you feel are noteworthy?

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The sheer number of providers it connects to


I know YNAB is pretty good. Used it for a year or so. But then they switched to subscription so they can go eat that nasty. Subscribtion is rarely worth it for apps. You should check out how much more money they make with this model. It’s the corporate greed ruining the world. I’ll happily pay 100£ for it. But I want to own the software not rent it.


lol. I guess you haven’t heard about me. In a gist, Monzo is turning into another corporate machine. Just waiting for the ads to show up before I close my account.

And I’m not gonna bother giving feedback when no one is gonna take it.

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This model is eventually unsustainable if you want updates and bugfixes


It is but it’s a result of the great software con - companies had no real incentive to supply bug free software and the licence agreements we signed up to allowed them to get away with it.

Imagine if your car had a design flaw and they refused to fix it

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Here’s a link to an overview about it.

I think that it’s spending analysis is better than eithe Emma or Yolt.


Facilitating connections to advisors sounds potentially interesting. Has anyone tried it?

Does MoneyHub support Monzo Pots? Monzo Pots support is a notable advantage of Emma over Yolt


Does it support Monzo and Starling?



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Yes, it does show a separate ‘account’ for each Pot.


Yes it is. You can give users option to pay for major updates after a certain duration of time. Like how a lot of good softwares do it. Games do it too. Phones do it. It’s ignorant to think it’s not sustainable, maybe you heard this from a company who was trying to see you a subscription.

If I like a software and I’m happy with its current form and functions. I have no need to upgrade. But with subscription you get no choice.

And people who’re saying developers don’t have a reason to fix bugs etc. That’s wrong too. If an app is full of bugs it’ll get bad reviews. So no. number of new users would decline.

If by sustainable you mean doesn’t make as much money then yes that is true.

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Sure, that’s not the model you put across in your previous post though, is it? :thinking:

I based my comments on my experience as a software developer, as a consumer of software over the last twenty years and the industry trends


It was implied. It is how all the softwares used to function.

You never noticed this in your “last twenty years of experience”? :lying_face:

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Ok, thanks for enlightening me :slightly_smiling_face:. I don’t want to take this thread off topic :+1:

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I tried YNAB but by God I was confused. I didn’t understand how to use it at all. Trying to put my salary in and then my monthly bills was awful.

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Same here! I got a years free subscription because I’m a student, and I didn’t know what all the columns meant or how to set it up!

I’m sticking with Monzo and IFTTT


YNAB have quite a lot of help guides and videos. In my opinion, it really is worth it once setup.