Money management apps


Is this the one?

(Kenneth C Lawrence) #64

@coffeemadman, it is the one Brian_L has posted :slight_smile:

(Jonathon) #65

Great, I’ll check it out. Weird that searching “1 Money” didn’t bring it up as top search.

(Kenneth C Lawrence) #66

Its one word, so must be the space thrown it, but yeah, that is weird lol. I’m very impressed with it though - even purchased the lifetime premium version after just a few days I was that impressed haha.

I hope you enjoy it :slight_smile:

(Brenda Wong) #67

Pros: Messenger is probably my most used app, so it’s super convenient for me. I also love their newly designed menu, makes it super easy to get insights/overview when I need with not too much information.

Cons: I don’t know if the copywriting is that up to scratch yet - for that I think I prefer Cleo


Thanks. Sorry, what do you mean by copywriting in the context of plum?

(Brenda Wong) #69

Haha sorry for being unclear! I just don’t like their tone of voice that much :woman_shrugging:


I like Plum and Yolt. Plum have also just expanded their investments range beyond Ratesetter to include 6 different ETFs. You can pick the risk / sectors you want to invest in which is nice and some have pretty decent returns (20%+)

The investments are still in beta right now but you can get on the list to have early access here



That was super interesting :ok_hand:


I thought so too, but was put off by the lack of enthusiasm from some of the participants. A larger sample size and a longer time frame - e.g. 3 months - would have been nice to see imho.

I’m not sure anyone watching it would be eager to try those apps for themselves based off this alone, which is kind of unfair on those companies. Maybe that’s just me, what do you think? :thought_balloon:


It does seem to show them in a negative light towards the end. Which isn’t fair. These individuals seemed pretty aware of their spending.

But the apps are a bit more useful for people who are, or people having trouble controlling it.

I’d also agree they didn’t seem invested in trialling them which didn’t help.


Signed up for Emma this morning and reading all your reviews but I am 11000th in the queue. Are there any more golden tickets floating around?

I had yolt before but did find a massive use for me. Also tempted to try Plum although the idea of random amounts of money being taken makes me wary. Thats what I use coin jar for.

Also is anyone else thinking of getting Freetrade when its out. I know literally nothing about stocks and shares but it sounds quite good.


Here you go - This is a VIP ticket to skip the queue and join Emma!


Thank you!


Yes, come and join the growing Freetrade community where we discuss all things Freetrade & ETFs with the company team @v18n. Everybody is contributing and learning from each other to demystify investing. :chart_with_upwards_trend:

(Tom Halloran) #79

Heard recently that HSBC just released an app that lets you combine different bank accounts into one place - made the news because it had tonnes of downloads in first 24 hours. Haven’t tried it myself yet (not sure whether it works with Monzo). Anyone had any experience of it?

I’ve also tried Yolt, which was fine but didn’t find it too useful in the end. Keen to try Emma based on so much positive feedback above

(Michael Oliver) #80

I have and personally I can’t get on with it. I find the UI very legacy like and slow. Would suggest sticking with Emma (which I love) and Yolt.


Yes. Have tried. Seems a bit basic compared to Yolt and Emma.


Been looking into and trying Emma and Yolt over the past couple of days. Too early for me to draw any conclusions on which I prefer. But I do wonder if Yolt is a bit faster moving then Emma? I see Yolt added support for open banking APIs of a number of high street banks back in March. As far as I can tell, Emma doesn’t connect to any high street banks in this way.