Money in Love: Jen & Dave

(Beatrice Borbon) #1

Next in our new series, meet Jen and Dave: a 30-something couple living together in Shrewsbury


I can relate to this. My ex left me a lot of debt which I’ve only paid off in the last year (took about 5/6 years)

At the moment my partner isn’t working so we are surviving on just my wage for the most part. It’s forced me to get better with budgeting as my wage isn’t massive, and made me think seriously about having some savings put aside as I never want to be in this position again.

Instead of flapping and getting stressed which I was doing when he was made redundant. I just repeat my mantra “No matter what, we always make it through it the month just fine” and remind myself that it’s temporary and once he starts his new job we’ll be rolling in it compared to now!