Money going into pots, is it safe


Haven’t noticed this asked, I did check first, anyway here’s my question, I put money in my account today and made 2 pots, 1 holiday pot and 1 Xmas pot, I put all the money into them 2 pots. So that means there is nothing on my account I can spend (unless I move some from a pot). What I would like to know is, if my card got stole or cloned, the theif could not buy anything using my card, as the money could not be taken from it due to being in the pots, and the person would have to have my phone and details to move the money. So my money is 100% safe? Or am I mistaken?


Not an official response by any means, but from my personal experience yes card payments will decline and DDs will bounce.

Offline card transactions (where the terminal can’t go online like airplanes and some vending machines apparently) will still go through (and TfL may go through as well) however Monzo will refund any fraudulent payments in any case so no need to worry!

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It’s been mentioned elsewhere but because the Pots are still in the same account they are still covered by all the same protections as the Current Account itself

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Correct; if you don’t have any money in your non-pot balance, transactions will be decline. Of course, the money still receives FSCS protection :slight_smile:

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