Money for pots not appearing in up coming spending tab

Each month I’ve put £100 in a savings pot I have just noticed this morning that it does not appear in my upcoming spending tab in trends

iOS 15.6.1
IPhone 13 Pro Max

Have you added this as a recurring payment or do you move it manually? You’d need to set it up as a repeating payment in the transaction, for it to be recognised by trends.

Show me where to do that on this weekly repeating payment into a pot

Tap the pot, “Add”, at the very bottom there’s “set scheduled payment”

I don’t think you can edit one on iOS though

I have set it up a recurring payment I set it up a week or so ago

That is a scheduled, repeating payment into a pot. It doesn’t show up in the predicted balance part of Trends for me, either going out of my main account or going into the pot.


Sorry, I thought you were asking how to set one up

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No, sorry, I see why you thought that – I was asking Carlo where I “set it up as a repeating payment in the transaction”

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Apologies, I’d not fully understood, if you change the category to savings, it should account as a spend.

Transfers aren’t accommodated in spending etc as far as I know, it was the same with summary.

Oh, well that seems dumb.

A transfer affects my balance, so you’d think it would be predicted in Trends.

The more I try and use Trends, the more it fights against me.

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I’ve not toyed with it :slightly_frowning_face:

Scheduled pot transfers are not currently predicted by upcoming spend in Trends. We hope to fix that in the nearish future!


Hope, or plan?

That’s good to know glad it’s on the radar to be fixed