Mondo's Rivals: Atom

(Jack Worton) #21

I think Three are one of the best networks for a pay monthly tarriff, never had a problem with signal, i travel a lot so their feel at home service is amazing, but I do feel their app could definitely be updated.

The thing with your other half being sent to the three website, you can’t use their app on WiFi. You have to turn the wifi off and use their network to use their app, not sure if this is the reason to your problem or not but it’s useful information!

(Brexit Day Is Gonna Be Shamayzing.) #22

I like Three, network is good value.

Yeah I turn wifi off and it still goes there to top up, I think it’s just coz it might be easier for them but I personally think it’s just lazy.

(Adam) #23

Before the iPad it was always 09:42, it changed to 09:41 as this was the local time when the iPad was announced.

(Bruce) #25

I use Atom simply to be part of their experience and monitor updates, their interest rate is also not terrible considering the environment. Not that I’ve used it enough to buy me more than a new iPhone case after a year, nor can I with limits. It’s a simple app, lots of strange UI and UX but not complicated.

My major issue is the same as other commenters, I believe they launched with the wrong product for the tech savvy.

It’s not something you sit on the forum looking for release dates of new products.

Mondo in my opinion is a true challenger in the Sense of a user, being myself. Atom is currently pretty bland as a product with lots of colourful splatter paint thrown at it.

(Alex) #26

I got my invite, downloaded the Atom app and then deleted it as soon as it asked for completely unnecessary biometric data during the onboarding process. Facial recognition and voice recognition in a simple mobile banking app is such security theatre.


I see it as the illusion of security. Much like some of the airport restrictions we now have to go through.

(Kirill Korolyov) #28

Unity? This explains why text inputs don’t work like they should — it’s impossible to copy/paste/select text. This is a basic UX requirement, and worth a lot more than some fancy animation.

(Brexit Day Is Gonna Be Shamayzing.) #29

It’s what Mondo do though.

(Alex) #30

I don’t remember having to scan my face or record my voice when I got my Mondo card in December?

(Brexit Day Is Gonna Be Shamayzing.) #31

I did it the other month, had to send pic of passport and then send video recording of me via app.

It then raised my limits

(Jack Worton) #32

Strange how it’s must only check certain people then. I also never had any of these checks.

(Hugo Cornejo) #33

I think it’s slightly different. We currently don’t use biometrics to let you log in.

What we do is to ask for an ID and a selfie recording to help us to validate your identity and comply with the KYC legal requirements :shield:

(Brexit Day Is Gonna Be Shamayzing.) #36

Ahhh I just skimmed and saw facial and voice.

Out of curiosity what do you do with the recordings once checked?

(Jonas Templestein) #37

We store them encrypted at rest until at least 5 years after you are no longer a customer with us to comply with AML regulation. Any access to them is audited.


I am pretty certain AML does not require you to keep them. If you had a process that is audited for receiving and checking, recording the check has been made, and then disposing of the data, you wouldn’t need to encrypt it or protect it.

(Jonas Templestein) #39

Apologies, I should have been clearer :slight_smile: AML is simply an acronym that stands for “Anti Money Laundering”. There are several relevant regulations that we have to comply with, in this case I was referring to part 3, item 19 of the 2007 Money Laundering Regulations.

It says that all record keeping, including details of customer due diligence and supporting evidence for business relationships, need to be kept for five years after the end of the relationship and records of transactions also need to be kept for five years.

You can read the full text here


Just got my atom code - flabbergasted to see I can’t copy/paste it into the app!

After manually typing it in I’m completely underwhelmed by the user experience.

It really does make mondo stand out as an excellent user interface.


My email from Atom had some unreadable characters that looked arabic in the middle. Also I thought “log in” to get to the authentication page followed by the same words “log in” to submit authentication credentials, shows lack of inspiration.