Mondo Roadmap

(Christopher J. Sladdin) #1

There are lots of discussions in the Mondo community which talk about new feature ideas, etc and a lot of them get comments from the Mondo team about how it is ‘on the roadmap’ or something ‘we’re working on.’ I wondered whether Mondo might embrace the startup mentality of 100% transparency and publish their product roadmap for their community to see? That way, we know what to expect and when we might expect it (I should add that I think we all recognise that some products are delivered late or drop off for unexpected reasons). Would be great to see what Mondo are looking at working on in the future, what is coming up, and how the community is feeding in to it!

(Jonas Templestein) #2

That’s a great idea! We’ve often discussed this internally and it’s a goal we want to work towards. The “Sneak Peek” features here in the forum are our first step in that direction. As always, these things are work that take away from other things we could be doing, so I’m not sure when we’ll get around to maintaining a completely public roadmap.

On a related note, when we say that here, it most often means “The product and design teams are working on it”.

In terms of implementing and shipping features, our first priority at the moment is to get a banking licence. For that we have to support a very large number of use-cases that not many customers will ever see (e.g. how do we give advice in financial difficulties? what happens when you die? how do we handle complaints? etc). That work will probably keep us busy for the next 6 months :slight_smile:

(Tristan Thomas) #3

Just to echo @jonas , I would love to do something like this: inspired by Buffer that would give people an idea of when we’d like to do things (with lots of caveats!)

I’ll see if I can set something up in the next few weeks that would work for both the community and us without giving too many false promises :slight_smile:

(Christopher J. Sladdin) #4

Thanks for the support on this idea @jonas and @tristan. I think this could go further than a Trello roadmap and actually show what you are working on, how long you reckon it could take, when you plan on starting other things, etc but that might be too much additional work alongside the other, more pressing projects? Would be great to see anyway!

(James Hewett) #5

+1 for this idea

Would be great to see future plans.

(James Billingham) #6

For ref, it is now available here:

(Christopher J. Sladdin) #7

Thanks for this! Delighted this idea has become a reality and can’t wait to see the ideas on the roadmap become a reality, in particular budgeting and savings pots.

(Colin Robinson) #8

Is there an easy explanation to what ‘CASS Integration’ is❓

It’s on the roadmap but I’ve no idea what it is :thinking:

( #9

CASS protects your assets and money if a firm fails

(Daniel Chatfield) #10

@Dunsford @Christophorus CASS = Current Account Switching Service

Sorry for the unnecessary acronym, I’ve changed it.

(Colin Robinson) #11

Thanks Chris :smiley:

(Colin Robinson) #12

Thanks for the explanation. :relaxed:

I guess that’s what’s needed for us to switch from our current banks to :mondo: when the time comes :tada:

( #13

I shall inform my friend at work that his information is out of date.

(Rob) #14

I find it interesting that according to the roadmap, as of right now, more votes have been received for Pay integration ahead of Mondo becoming a proper bank. :thinking:

(Christopher J. Sladdin) #16

@jonas and @tristan: I wonder whether this idea could be extended to include a column in the Trello which highlights which of the features on the list are being built for inclusion in the next major release?

(Tristan Thomas) #17

@SladdinCJ: Interesting! I’ll have a look :slight_smile: It probably won’t be that interesting though!

(Christopher J. Sladdin) #18

Don’t think we need to see the x.x.1 release details but would be great to
see where things in the short term were planned in (even if not for
definite) in the form of a Next Major Release: x.1, a Following Major
Release: x.2 and Short-Term list.