Mobile Usage Report 2018

Some of you may find the following an interesting read, it seems voice calls have fallen in usage for the first time ever, although likely replaced by instant messaging apps.
While the average daily time spent on a smartphone is two hours 28 minutes, rising to three hours 14 minutes for 18 to 24-year-olds, the report indicates.

Other findings from the report include:

  • 42% of houses now own a smart TV - with Ofcom predicting this will rise substantially in coming years
    the average household spends £124 on communication services each month
  • 40% of households subscribe to Netflix
  • one in eight homes now has a smart speaker
  • On average, users get through 1.9GB (gigabytes) of data each month, according to the report.

How long would you say you spend on your smartphone a day? :iphone:


I’ve seen this piece on BBC Breakfast twice this morning and both times I was using my phone at the time. Think that says it all!

I’ve not properly been using iOS 12 screentime yet as it keeps getting adjusted through the betas but it’ll make interesting reading!


I’m very much looking forward to this feature launching alongside the Google Digital Well being offering.

I know these features have been talked about a bit previously. It will be an eye opener for a lot of people and will hopefully give them a little nudge in another direction.

I did play about with it on some of the earlier betas and didn’t realise how much I picked my phone up but it was disabled in the most recent beta and I’ve not gone in and enabled it again :see_no_evil:

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I was surprised to find out 40% of homes have Netflix, along with 1 in 8 having a smart speaker. They have really boomed in the past year or so.

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I remember when smart TVs were a new thing, and I really wanted one. I’ve had one for many years now, but I was using the smart features so infrequently, because I had a YouView box and Apple TV, that when I changed broadband supplier and received a new router last November I didn’t bother connecting the TV to the WiFi.

I still haven’t found a reason to.

Totally the same here, really wanted one. Never use the smart features… I tend to use the apps on my PS4 more. Although I occasionally use the Netflix app ,all the others are rubbish.

Where it could improve is if you could get freeview over the internet and thus you had to use the functions of the smart tv rather than plug an antenna in.

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I’ve often thought the same thing. Although there are a couple of channels you can watch live (BBC is one, I forget which others). I think for most people, it’s a bit of a solution in search of a problem.

My Amazon Firestick has an app that allows this. But it’s rubbish. Apart from the fact that it keeps freezing, the main problem at the moment for watching live TV online is that changing channels becomes really clunky.

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I’ve got an LG Smart TV and the apps are very good quality. Can access Netflix, iPlayer, Google Play Movies, Amazon Video etc.

Been tempted to get an Apple TV in the past but not sure it would add much value. Plus I get to avoid controller hell by just having the two lol


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