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I will be honest, I would port your primary number to a cheap contract monthly and just think of a lot of these new providers as data connections over going full hog for now. You can always port later but losing your primary number can be a bit of nightmare even if you get it back eventually.

I am more risk adverse though with larger impact things though and it will probably be fine.

That’s a very good point, well made. I thought they were an MVNO but looking into they’re not.

Thanks for the heads up :grinning:

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Thanks but I’m not looking to port my main number. I’m very happy with smarty and have an excellent deal it’s just a few dead spots where I am staying whilst away with work so I need a backup to use.

Just grab a Lyca sim, on uswitch, turn off auto renew and you’re good

PAC requests are working again

Of course, as soon as I leave, 4G calling starts working

My switch from EE to Lyca went without a hitch.

I’d say make sure you know the phonetic alphabet if you need to speak to Customer Support on the phone. I had real trouble communicating over the phone.

But all in all, cheap and cheerful.

Let’s hope my next switch goes just as smoothly tomorrow.

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This time last year I had five EE SIMs, down to one now.

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I am trying to negotiate a price with O2. I know I shouldn’t infer tone from messages but the last message they signed off with really pissed me off.

Might as well have said “I don’t give a fuck, byeeee :nail_care:

No “anything else I can help with” or survey request. The conversation just stopped cold. Prior to this they said they can give me one of the contracts on the website or look at phones to which I responded as above.

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Definitely a “Boy. Bye” vibe to it. And not understanding what a MVNO is, not super common lingo, but if you work for a phone network you should probably know.


Don’t they work for Capita? I’m almost certain that many contact centre employees aren’t directly engaged with O2 - in which case I’d cut them slack but not the company.

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When I go to check upgrade options in app, one of the options I’m pushed towards is discussing it via WhatsApp. So I thought they’d be able to help but clearly not :woman_shrugging:

For all I care they could work for the Holy See and be contracted to O2 – as long as they’re representing O2 in a customer service role I’d expect them to either (try to) help or at least understand fairly common industry terms.

It doesn’t start anything and you can ignore it, but I’d request a PAC and then see if you get better offers.

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Definitely should have just said what MVNO it was, ie Smarty, then they may have paired their braincells to understand :joy:

But O2 likely won’t price match them as they’re not high street.

Not sure any of them could really match that, but uswitch sometimes have good O2 deals so just port out and port back in to one of the new deals.

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They gave me 200GB for £15 on a one year contract last year after a bit of persistence, which was a good deal, so I am hoping asking for 30GB for £10 isn’t too hard to do for them.


These big networks don’t seem to realise they’ve got competition.

EE have always been pretty good with me but this year I’ve moved three SIMs away because they just don’t seem interested in customer retention any more.


Anyone know what percentage of UK mobile phone users are served via MVNOs?

Update: The following (from 2022) indicates around 30%:

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That’s absolutely disgraceful

Yayzi, the broadband operator may be coming out with a mvno

There are no details about it

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I moved back to EE last week. Their network just seems so much better than the competition around Leeds.

O2 were terrible here.

Vodafone were better, and I very nearly renewed with them.

But EE just seem to be faster and more reliable.

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EE are frankly the best for large cities in my experience, but obviously you pay a heavy price

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