Mobile numbers not starting 07

I am pleased that your app allowed me to enter my mobile number that starts 01344, but then it was unable to actually text me. The number can be texted, so this is something wrong in your system. I have had to find another SIM to get the texts on an 07 number. Mobiles have been able to use “geographic” numbers for over 20 years, and even OFCOM recognise that mobiles can have such numbers ( “and provide a local landline number for your mobile”). Happy to provide a number for your to test with.

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Wow, that’s unusual! Which network provides mobile numbers starting with what would otherwise be a “geographic” area code?

Well, look on under Business mobile, and see “and provide a local landline number for your mobile”, so as you see OFCOM believe this :slight_smile:

Orange launched with an option of mobiles on London, Birmingham and a few other ares when the launched over 20 years ago.

Andrews & Arnold offer a service that allows mobiles to work on 01/02 numbers and allow texting as well as calls both ways on those numbers.

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and on a related issue will it work with 00 prefix mobiles, i.e. ones from the EU rather than UK?