Mobile networks

You can’t.

MMS is free to send and receive on Smarty.

Shortcodes for competitions, NHS, banks etc can be received but cannot be responded to, even if you have credit.

Lol at buying ringtones though, who’s doing that since 2005? :melting_face:

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Yeah I miss read, I thought it was about MMS. Nice that Smarty include MMS given the majors dont I think.

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Voxi includes mms free too, not sure of any others.

Seems that Smarty deal is only 32GB. not for 50GB :frowning:

uSwitch is out of date


Still 32GB for £8 a month ain’t bad. I just need something to hold my phone number, and I get EU roaming for free


Seems to be more MVNO that do it for free, EE charge 55p, three I think is 40p, voda 35p. These numbers are just at a glance so not 100% dug in but MMS is a mess, I always put a spend cap of £0 on contracts now and adjust if I need to.

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At least if Smarty isnt great for you its easy enough to move away. I was in Leeds a couple of weeks ago and EE was fine for me mostly besides the faraday cage towers in the town, Leeds was a bit of a mess for both EE and voda signal, if you had signal though EE was fine.
I need to get an eSim three based network then I would have the full set :smiley:

I currently dont pay anything for my voda (which is technically a voxi) after a hellish time with voxi and I told them to delete my billing details as I didnt know if I would continue and the sim just keeps working… no payments taken and no messages, not paid anything since July I think.

I would message their support, I had a similar thing as an existing customer, they applied the uswitch deal within mins, I was really impressed to be fair!


I will - I had to make a new account as I had tried Smarty in the past and a number was already attached to it

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Not getting much luck, the deal is wrong apparently

I’ve had this issue in the past, if it’s an offer supported by smarty then they can swap, but if it’s third party then you’ve no chance.

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I’ve gone through it again and it appears to be there now

So, I don’t know what happened there


Thanks for the recommendations for the Scancom sims. Got a bit busy with moving and haven’t had a chance to get back to this, but now on the hunt for a good 5g mobile hotspot and thought here might be a good place for advice. Going to be on the EE

I’ve been testing in Bristol with the Nighthawk M6 Pro 5G WiFi 6E Mobile Router - MR6450 - NETGEAR, but it’s only temporary so need to buy another. The WiFi speeds are pretty insane (peaks of 500mbps), but the pricetags are pretty steap!

There seems to be a number of Netgear 5g bricks, with the Nighthawk M5 5G WiFi 6 Mobile Router - MR5200 | NETGEAR looking promising. Its rated for lower 5g speeds, but still seems quick enough (500mbps great, but not really necessary so 100-200 probably fine). Concern is with the modems, will I see significant dips running going to the 5200 as it looks like it has an older chip? Think along the lines of newer chips = able to use faster portions of the 5g network… though could be way off here!

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Maybe Smarty wasn’t the best idea…… I’ll test when I’m in Leeds, I supposedly get 5G in my area

Least it’s cheaper than o2……

I don’t know how Smarty allow free EU roaming on Three, where as Three themselves don’t? Do they just front the cost?

Smarty is owned by the owners of Three, and is effectively PAYGO. Three offer free EU data roaming on PAYGO. So not that different, really.


Oh fair enough, that makes sense

It doesn’t much matter for us in the UK. Google have already broken the standardised specifications with their proprietary implementation, which o2 and Vodafone switched to, ceasing to support the universal profile (What Apple’s is being built on top of). So unless both sender and recipient are with either EE or Three (maybe), it’s not going to work.

But if it does work, it’s just an upgrade to regular old text messaging which uses your data instead.


So what you’re saying is Google did this and yet was still shaming Apple into supporting a non-compatible standard? What were they thinking?


Pretty much. If you want RCS on o2 or Vodafone, you now need to use the Google app and consent to their privacy policy. Other apps, like Samsung’s (who were first to ever adopt RCS) rely on the universal profile and no longer work.

I think it all went to pot when Google tried to cut the carriers out back in 2019, so RCS wouldn’t be reliant on them supporting it. And that’s why we’re in this situation. It’s not as bad in the US. Just Verizon out of the big ones that won’t work AFAIK.

And this is where it starts to get trippy and confusing. Because’s Google’s implementation supports the universal profile. But all that means is android users on Vodafone and o2 who use Google’s proprietary thing will still be able to message and receive from an iPhone user on EE and vice versa. But an iPhone user on o2 won’t be able to send or receive them to anyone (because they don’t have the Google app).

I hope I’m explaining it well enough, but if it’s still confusing, it just goes to show how messy Google have made it. They cockblocked Apple from ever properly supporting it without either A: building their own universal profile compatible proprietary version, or B: Using Google’s, whilst simultaneously shaming them for not. It never washed with me though, and so I never wanted Apple to adopt it. It’s fruitless because of Google.

But I am glad of the approach they have taken in adopting it, and the commitment they’ve made to the standards body, in both improving the spec, and aiding adoption. It should eventually fix Google’s mess, and erode their control over it.


That’s one way to present it, which I totally respect.