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Poor Birmingham’s lost its 4G on EE!

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Should be back now!

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I use an esim for my personal number on Vodafone it was very easy to set up and has worked without issue.

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That’s great, one last question about this. How easy is it to switch back to a physical sim from esim.

Surely same process, or just pop into a Vodafone shop for replacement there and then.

It’s simple you just a blank sim and enter the serial number,

However, I believe but haven’t tested this, you can use your original physical sim, so keep it somewhere.

This on my number that’s already on esim

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I’d be very surprised if you could reactivate an old sim

As @Carlo1460 said once you switch to another sim/eSim you can’t use the old one again.

Even with an eSim, once it has been used it ‘locked’ to that phone and can only be used 3 times on that phone (for cases where you have to factory reset etc).

Makes sense, but for some reason I had in my head you could :man_shrugging:

Vodafone do let you activate old SIMs again. You can also get a free Voxi SIM and use that. I tend to ensure I have one handy just in case I ever need to swap back.


Thanks, that’s good to know,
Would you know if that includes swapping the esim to the PAYG ones you get from the shops which already has a phone number printed on the plastic, or just the blank ones that come when ordering online ?

It might depend network to network. My grandmother is PAYG and they accidentally disabled her sim and said they can’t reactivate it so she lost her number. They sent a £20 good will check tho. This was with virgin so might of just been because they’re moving it all over to o2 aswell

Sorry I edited my post to make it clearer, I was talking about swapping a contract esim back to a physical one, if you could just use a PAYG sim from a shop.

£20 for losing my number, no thanks! That’s insulting.

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Yeah it’s hassle, especially for a elderly person who hardly knows how to work a phone in the first place never mind remembering a new number

I’m no expert but I imagine it is possible as you could do a number transfer. So the physics sim will become the number the esim was then the esim just gets disabled.

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Sounds like a right hassle when things go wrong especially in this day and age where 2FA and MFA are ubiquitous in many places.

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Casually sat at mates place, mast in view out front window.

Three network.


Wow that’s shocking fast. I just did a test and got 6mbps with o2 :melting_face: Theirs also a mast literally across road from my house on top of a building

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On O2, but not too close to a mast

I’m on Orange EE.

Not overly close to a mast, and in a sort-of rural area.

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4G on EE. No masts in sight - sat in the middle of my house.