Mobile networks

Nope it all carried across fine. No settings were incorrect it just took several network resets from EE’s side to sort it. Just ended up with 4 days no data service and a trip to a store to sort out.


They really must hurry up with this SNR rollout. I am in St Ives EE and well

I’m lucky to have a signal! The WiFi only works in the main building too as they didn’t run power to the cabinet that holds the switches, dunno why! So while the access point is powered (it’s a Cityfibre connection :+1:) I have no WiFi

It’s nice to see it out in the wild though, an In wall AP

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Pro-tip: You still Get Volt benefits, even if you leave o2, they can’t even do that right. At least I did before I dumped VM in June, left o2 in November last year. what a Saga that was

I left VM first (they don’t serve my new address), moved to EE Broadband. They haven’t told me that my Volt benefits would stop then (and haven’t sent me an equipment return kit either…).

Once you’re an EE Broadband customer their SIMs are fantastic value, so no point in keeping O2.

I don’t think I’ll ever return to O2. Not because I had issues with them in England, but because they’re completely unusable in most of Wales.


That’s interesting, but honestly I think any network has issues in Wales, I am on EE and at points, my phone went into SOS via Satellite when I was in south Wales visiting someone

When I came to view properties I had to join a cafe’s WiFi network and top up my dormant Lyca SIM because O2 showed 4G full bars and I couldn’t load an email. It’s not like South Wales is so busy that network congestion should be an issue.

Speed test shows 4Mbps at home vs ~170 on EE. On O2 I had to rely on offline maps when driving whereas with EE I am connected most of the time.


Still have the double data from my BT broadband deal that was cancelled 1yr 3months ago

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So do O2 just shut down your online account the second your number switches? Odd. Presumably final bill will come via email / in the post?

Yes they do. Which is annoying. I got an email to login and view my bill which I can’t but got a text saying the amount the DD will be.

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My O2 account is still open and I’ve switched and switched number. I can log in and pay the final bill.

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Odd, I’ve been kicked out and won’t let me log into the app nor the website. Have you got any other products with them?

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Nope just the one line (well, no longer)

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