Mobile networks

I’ve had a variety of texts over the last few days from UK mobile numbers with links, and then dodgy London or Edinburgh numbers which I never answer.

Never had a caller withheld though.


I keep getting Evri texts and the number in question is only given to friends. I’ve a separate one for all my accounts. I wonder if someone’s uploaded their contact list somewhere.

Don’t bring your personal stuff here, like at all

It says in the article EE already are adopting it?

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Randomly generated and bulk sent, it’s not targeted in the way you think.


EE may, but the NVMO’s on EE may not get access to it


I guess that’s down to them? Don’t know how it works.

Also you’ve linked to your comment rather than the article :rofl: I was wondering why I kept having to scroll up.


Oh, I didn’t know that was a thing… sorry

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So… beep beep, o2 update incoming: Despite o2 stating I owe them NOTHING, I got a letter to state I owe Moorcroft Debt recovery £350… This was supposedly sorted out with o2 in January after speaking to multiple complaint handlers assuring me it would go no further and it was all sorted and squeaky clean.

Moorcroft sent me a letter on February 12th and they received the debt from o2 on Feb 2nd

I have spoken to o2 again and raised another complaint

I have spoken to Moorcroft who have put everything on hold until they can raise a dispute with o2

I just thought I would update for anyone interested

O2 CS also called the letter fake :joy:


I’ve decided to pay off my O2 Device Plan with a 0% credit card and move to another network, as the local mast has been down yet again for the past 3 weeks.

I was previously on Vodafone which was decent here for signal, but am eager to try EE. What would be the cheapest way of getting a SIM to test the signal? I’m thinking perhaps via 1p mobile? I ideally want a SIM with 5G, plus 4G calling with uncapped speeds so I can test the full service.

If you’re only wanting to test the network with a cheap sim just buy one from EE (or they might even be free from a store or online) or just pick one up for £1. At least then you can accurately note how your local area works on EE.


Second this ^ I just got some 99p sims from my local supermarket and each day I went to work I took a sim with me and swapped it out to test the signal.
Shocker, EE was the best, but also the most expensive :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Really tempted to move to Tesco mobile soon, I have access to the colleague sim only deal which is unlimited everything for £10 a month but the actual signal still isn’t worth it over the price I pay for EE


Thank you both. Will pick up a cheap EE SIM from either EE or my local supermarket tomorrow and give it a try. :+1:


Talkhome mobile.

I get 25gb for £1.99 and it’s been great, no restrictions.

Not sure on WiFi calling or even making calls but data is spot on.


Lyca have all that, it can also be done on an eSIM for very cheap

They recently got 4G calling and WiFi calling

ESIM would make for instant setup, talkhome don’t seem to have eSIM


Spusu still route through the EU

I live for the day you have a normal working phone and you refuse to care about anything else.


One of these days, I will move back to EE. I would if it were cheaper :smiley: plus NVMO’s seem to be able to give you free EU roaming, but the core network don’t (anymore), they charge you now

Should never have swapped really

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You’ve got to ask yourself - how much time do I spend roaming in the EU?

For me, not so much. Plus if I do need to use data/calls in the EU, I can usually claim it back on expenses for work*

If you’re in the UK for 95%+ of your contract and want reliability - pay the extra. In my limited experience, MVNO’s always have a weak point that makes them avoidable.

*Your circumstances may differ with work. And this is not carrier advice.


As annoying as EU roaming charges are though, it’s better to look for the best network for you in the UK. I’d rather spend £2 a day on the few days I’m in Europe a year than go for a worse network at home that gives me that for free.

Cheaper is not always better! EE is by far the best network I’ve been on and I’ll be moving back as soon as I can from O2 even if O2 give me free roaming.

Edit: what they :arrow_up: said