Mobile network advice

You definitely can have it refunded back to your bank after they credit the Vodafone account. I got them to do that three times after multiple complaints. Two £100s (sync issues and trying to charge me the termination fee), and ~£20.

I joined them and got them to credit £50 for being crap which covered two months (£25mth), I then left after the first and got them to refund the remaining amount of credit and got two separate claims against them.

So I got a month and a bit for free and ~£220 from them messing up so much without actually giving them a penny.

Can recommend

They can send you a cheque Or bank transfer but it’s your responsibility to ask and keep your bill up to date. They can’t say no otherwise the ombudsman will have words with them.

I can’t imagine they’d actually say no, if ever they did get it writing with a reference number for the ombudsman

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im happy for the credit to stay on my account

If given the choice between O2 and EE I’d definitely choose EE as they plough a lot of money into their network to ensure great speeds. O2 has fallen quite a bit behind.

That being said I’d choose Vodafone for network quality if given the choice and 3 for the pricing if I wasn’t that bothered about having the fastest speeds.