Mobile network advice

my credit is 315 but i wasn’t given that all in 1 go it was given in bits like when ive had problems Vodafone complaints gave me most of it and i dont use a lot my sim as 60gb unlimited calls and texts and i really only use like 10 to 15gb

Smarty (Three)

sorry if my post seems rude its been a really long day and Vodafone have really pissed me off

I can recommend Three network. The best SIM only deal is via Smarty which is their subbrand.

A rolling £10mth contract gets you 30GB data and unlimited calls/txts.

for me three signal near me is rubbish i just put three up there to see what people say and how many people say there good lol

Okay. So Vodafone Three

Any preference on O2 or EE?

im looking at o2 ee bit expensive

So O2.

That’s either direct with O2 or
Sky Mobile or

direct i think but would like opinions

Vodafone and o2 share mobile masts in alot of places, so :crossed_fingers: coverage should be similar in your area

Sky will get you £10 for 10G or £18 for 15G both with unlimited calls and texts

Giffgaff will get you £12 for 10G or £15 for 15G both with unlimited calls and texts

I’m currently with Sky Mobile, previously with IDmobile

GiffGaff do 80gb for £20

Yep that’s a promo atm. If you are using more than 15GB then that’s the one.

If you check in your phone data usage does it show how much your are using per month?

i will have to have a look

Like I’m on a Sky 3GB plan but I normally use 1GB per month and 2GB when pushing it.

The nice thing with Sky is they do a piggy bank so that anything not used that month can be used in future by topping up.

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mine says just over 15gb

So why don’t you ask them to refund you by bank transfer or cheque. An over payment like that should automatically flag money laundering checks with any network. Am happy with EE, some frequent travellers like Three for roaming deals? If reception is good just stay put once you bring account to £0 balance.

it was money given to me by Vodafone you cant have it refunded as its a credit that as to stay on the account

You definitely can have it refunded back to your bank after they credit the Vodafone account. I got them to do that three times after multiple complaints. Two £100s (sync issues and trying to charge me the termination fee), and ~£20.

I joined them and got them to credit £50 for being crap which covered two months (£25mth), I then left after the first and got them to refund the remaining amount of credit and got two separate claims against them.

So I got a month and a bit for free and ~£220 from them messing up so much without actually giving them a penny.

Can recommend

They can send you a cheque Or bank transfer but it’s your responsibility to ask and keep your bill up to date. They can’t say no otherwise the ombudsman will have words with them.

I can’t imagine they’d actually say no, if ever they did get it writing with a reference number for the ombudsman

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