Mistakes to your benefit

Anyone had any mistakes that was to their advantage?

You know the saying taking candy from a baby? Well tonight I’ve taken a meal from a kid and two parents. :roll_eyes::man_facepalming:

So I ordered a Deliveroo an adult meal and a side order with a drink from a well known global company. It got delivered but was given 3 bottles of pop instead of one. I initially thought it was compensation because my previous order with them they forgot my bottle of pop, but I had a refund from Deliveroo. So didn’t think anything of it.

I got inside and started opening my burger when I realised there seems to be a lot here than I ordered. I started going through things and there was extras. I looked on the receipt and it turned out it wasn’t what I ordered. I rang the food chain twice and they didn’t answer. So went on to Deliveroo and spoke to them. They advised me that the chain was now closed but they would issue me a full refund to my Monzo account and I could keep what I had received. It’s not even a Deliveroo order. It’s says JE then the order number so I think it’s Just Eat.

However. There is going to be 2 adults and a kid who will be sharing my burger and onion rings, my cheese bites and bottle of pop. Whilst I tuck into £30 worth of food I haven’t paid for.

Yes I do feel kind of bad. But the customer is going to be going ape.


What were you supposed to do, get the delivery guy to come back and deliver it to them? It would have been binned

Nothing for you to feel bad about


I was meant to get a burger, onion rings a drink and some cheese bites.

Well I said to Deliveroo what do I do with the food if the driver comes back? They advised me to keep the food. Drivers can’t come back for food once it has been classed as “Delivered” however I’m not sure how that works as it’s two different companies (Deliveroo and JustEat) I imagine they both have the same policy. So the driver can’t come back and re deliver it. Especially with Covid going on at the minute.

Just feel bad because it’s a kids meal too.

Who is feeding their child a burger at 10 o’clock at night?


That’s exactly what I was thinking. I’m hoping it was an adult who just wasn’t very hungry.

Another thing happened at a drive thru about 4 years ago. I didn’t know but I paid for the car behind’s food instead of mine. I had someone in the car and was distracted and not paying attention.

Luckily the manager came out and noticed the mistake. Refunded the difference but I got to keep the food that the car behind was meant to have, plus the food I had ordered. They had to cook another lot for the other car.

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Can you order my next takeaway please? :pray:




I’m one of these people that has had bad luck their whole life. But when I do get good luck it REALLY pays off haha :laughing:


Last birthday meal we ordered a £27 pork rib feast for 3 people, also had a 15% off new customer discount. Opened the bag to find two 3 people rib feasts. Best(fattest) birthday meal ever :tada:

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Haha I bet you were over the moon haha

Heaven followed by a food coma after :rofl:

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Recently bought two iPads Airs from Curry’s and tried to do a price match.

They originally agreed to refund me £60 per iPad, when it should have only been £60 and £20.

For some reason it didn’t go through and when I called back they would only do £20 per iPad.

As annoying as it was, I took it over nothing.

When the refund finally came through they’d somehow given me £100 per iPad!


During the England v Denmark match, I got 3 pizzas from Pizza Hut instead of 1 pizza and a garlic bread. The Euros went downhill from that point.

Also the other week, I cancelled an Amazon order before shipping successfully (cancelled on my account) and it still managed to be delivered. Delivery guy kept the order on day 1 as it stated ‘cancelled’ but it turned up on my doorstep the next day. Amazon customer services didn’t understand my issue.


My wife bought a bike, it arrived as planned and then a few days later, so did a second one. Called to get the extra one returned, the company took it and refunded us the full amount!

Free bike!

There’s a house on the opposite side of the courtyard that has a similar but different address, I’ve probably had 20+ takeaways come here for them over the years. Never had the balls to accept one.

I ordered something from Superdry once that didn’t arrive. I complained and they said they’d refund me as they had no more stock. They refunded something else that I’d bought from them 5 years before, then refunded the actual item too.

About 10 years ago I ordered a basic Yahama acoustic guitar off Amazon, maybe £100 or so.

For some reason they sent it to the wrong distribution depot or something so the delivery was delayed. I didn’t want to take a day off work to accomodate the new delivery date so I phoned Amazon to say I didn’t want it anymore and asked for a refund, which they promptly did and the money arrived in my acocunt.

A few days later I return home from work and see a missed delivery card, with a note on saying they’d left the package next door, and as you may have guessed - it was the guitar.

EE gave me £30 recently because their system had an error with my eSIM