Missing Transactions


There seems to be a bug where transactions are going missing.
It first manifested itself as older items dropping off the list (seemingly fixed by uninstalling and reinstalling), but now it is back with items missing from the middle of my list.

Is anybody else experiencing this?

Missing Transactions 2
Missing Transaction Notes

Happened to me. Two items dropped off Android app but didn’t drop off iPad app. Rectified OK by uninstalling / installing Android app.

(Tristan Thomas) #3

Yeah, we’ve seen this a few times with the Android app, sorry! We haven’t yet tracked it down but it’s on our radar to try and reproduce and fix :smiley:

(Tristan Thomas) #4

And if you can see anything that makes this consistently happen, please let us know!


Both incidents happened on first launch after a play store update, but that is the only pattern I’ve been able to spot. The transactions were visible briefly on launch but the items quickly vanished.

(Andrew Schofield) #6

Just seen this today, some USD transactions from the middle of my list have disappeared. It hasn’t wiped out an entire day’s worth of transactions though, as I can still see a GBP transaction from the same day.

(Andrew Schofield) #7

More transactions disappeared for me today, however I worked out how to fix it without re-installing the app.
If you delete app data (not just the cache), the next time you start the app the missing items reappear.
This did lead me to discover a potential security flaw in the app though: Potentially critical android security bug

(Andrew Schofield) #8

This happened again this morning. Transactions from the middle of the list disappeared until I wiped app data and restarted the app.

The money top up is less than the money taken from Monzo on my bank statement
(Andrew Schofield) #9

Just to keep this visible and also for my own record, this has happened again, twice, in the last week. There is no obvious pattern to when the transactions go missing, but you can always see them disappear from the feed. This presumably means that a feed refresh is triggering the removal of items from the cached transaction list which is displayed initially.

Edit: This is currently reproducible. A transaction 1week old to within the hour is disappearing on the first feed refresh after clearing app data (I.e is visible when you start the app, but disappears after refreshing).


Also still happening to me. Whilst looking for a transaction today I
noticed that about a quarter of my transactions were missing. App data
delete was needed to restore. I will keep an eye out for the one week to
the hour pattern.

In the past it seemed to be transactions from a week ago, but I think this
time they were from further back.

(Tristan Thomas) #11

Thanks Andrew! This is really helpful. I’ll see if I can reproduce this — I have a transaction I made last Monday that’ll be coming up in a few hours…

(Andrew Schofield) #12

Did you manage to reproduce this Tristan? I’m going to give it another go tomorrow when a week old transaction will come up in my list.

(Tristan Thomas) #13

Nope :frowning: If you do, please let me know!

(Tristan Thomas) #14

Scratch that. I saw it briefly! Another one coming up this evening so we’ll see :slight_smile: (This is super helpful, thank you)


I’m glad you spotted it Tristan. That’s the first step to fixing it :slight_smile:

(Tristan Thomas) #16

And reproduced again today :slight_smile: We’ll get this fixed, thank you so much for helping us to track it down!

(Andrew Schofield) #17

Yep, happened again for me. It’s good that it is easily and reliably reproducible rather than being a seeming random event.

(Tristan Thomas) #18

So we think we’ve fixed this in the next update (1.2.0) — looks like a timezone issue :slight_smile: But you might also see it fixed as of a week or so ago when we went back to GMT from BST :wink: But let me know if not please after the update comes!

(Andrew Schofield) #19

Great news! I’ll look out for the update and report back if I still see missing transactions.