Missing transaction (T212)

Note: new here and first post so unsure if this is the right space.


I have been depositing in Trading 212 using Apple pay and bank transfer. Have never had an issue but I need to withdraw now. (have changed phones twice)

note: apple pay card number is different from actual card numbers, and is different for each phone as it varies by device

I failed to verify the accounts because of the difference of card numbers but after long conversation the agent from t212 told me the actual card number, so I managed to get all verified with bank statement except 1 (Monzo), Now the issue is the same Monzo account was used for apple pay in December 2022 which was verified because the deposit amount and date matched with the statement but there is a deposit November 2022 which trading212 has (MONZO) but nothing on my bank statement.

What should I do?

T212 have sent me their deposit/withdraw statement indicating the deposit - but monzo doesn’t show me anything therefore I can’t verify all of my payment methods and am unable to withdraw my investments?

What happens when you search the transactions instead of relying on a statement, does it show then or shortly after?

Sometimes, when you make a payment; it’ll credit like it has merchant side; but they may not collect the funds from the bank within the usual timeframe so may have reverted (you wouldn’t see this), but then charged again at a later date (usually within 30 days).

Based on the above, you say Nov and Dec were the two payments needed verified, searching Trading 212 or whatever it shows as within monzo, does it show then but a different date?

So when I search the transaction on Monzo’s app it shows me transaction from Oct and Dec but nothing for november, same applies for the bank statement (that’s how I verified the other apple pay methods - All of which are same monzo).

Even I thought that as well that there might be a usual timeframe issue, but on 14th November I had received an email from trading 212 saying deposit successful (In the email there’s no other information).

Now what’s concerning is - December monthly statement from T212 doesn’t show any Deposit/Withdrawls its ‘0’ but where as statement for January it shows for the december.

Monzo support app said that I was never issued the 806 card number which is the one in question and have been trying to get it verified.