Missing merchant icons today

Anyone missing merchant icons earlier today? I’m missing three, BA, Primark and M&S, all between around 11am and 1.30pm. Purchases before and after those times seem to show icons:


Rule 39:

“There is no such thing as coincidence”

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Works fine for me, here’s some troubleshooting steps to try individually.

  • Make double sure you’re connected to a working data connection/WiFi network and pull to refresh the feed. (I know. It really does solve so many feed issues though.)
  • Scroll a significant way down the feed, wait a second or two and then scroll back up. (This pushes the rows out of memory temporarily. Unlikely to work here but temporarily resolves some weirder load issues.)
  • Force quit the app by throwing it up off the multi-tasking switcher and reopen it, manually pull the feed to refresh after around 10 seconds. (Resolves any weird state where it got really stuck downloading the icon.)
  • Log out and log back in again. (Entirely clears all local data and forces a refetch from the Monzo service.)
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Thanks @RichardR :+1: I tried the first two without success but your third suggestion worked :clap:


I’ve noticed that some merchant icons only sometimes appear. (This is an ongoing issue, restarting the app doesn’t fix the issue)

Also if I get a refund from a merchant sometimes the icon doesn’t show up and the name is different.

Also noticed a spelling mistake, the merchant “Leyland SDM” https://leylandsdm.co.uk/ sometimes comes through as “Layland SDM” (should be an “e” not an “a”)

Check the small grey text at the bottom of each transaction’s page. That will tell you what the merchant is telling Monzo their name are (and what would appear on legacy bank statements).

If you submit merchant data corrections to all of the incorrect ones, they should be able to be merged in together.

The fact that the merchant icon is showing a default category icon instead of a blank icon means that the Monzo service hasn’t got an icon at all to show. This looks like a result of multiple merchant identifiers all having the same name. It’s something that can be fixed by merging merchants in to groups but can take a bit of back and forward with Monzo to get sorted right now if your first correction doesn’t fix it.