Mirraviz has a very similar logo to Monzo

(Simon Dulwich) #1

Just seen this gaming website and thought it was a new Monzo logo but realised it was a different company. Saw the logo first at CES 2018 thinking wow Monzo have grown quick but no it was Mirraviz. Https://mirraviz.com

(Allie) #2

It’s a stylised ‘M’… I think it’s very different, but that’s just me. Theirs is shaped differently, has disconnected segments, points outward at the corners, different colours…

Oh, and theirs isn’t just an ‘M’ - the disconnected segments make the top a ‘V’.

(Tom ) #3

Can’t see it personally



Save you a click.

(Peter Roberts) #5

Doesn’t look too similar to me :man_shrugging:


It’s similar insofar that it’s a letter M. That’s about it.