Minimum card spend


It really depends on the costs involved. Where I worked we used to have a minimum limit due to each transaction being a fixed amount. Its now a % of the sale so the limit was removed a few years ago.


I haven’t discussed anything related to ethics. I just mentioned that here in Portugal selling below cost is not allowed and in the EU in general there are restrictions. As I said for the UK I didn’t know specifics, tough the EU rules of course will still apply. Would it be better if I had not given any context and just said selling below cost is generally not allowed? Dont really understand your argument or what ethics you can claim I have introduced to the discussion

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Alright - just from what I’ve seen I won’t engage too much further on this with you (seen it escalate too much from what happens in Portugal in other threads).

Back on track, it’s a potential idea to allow card more without hurting the sales of smaller shop owners.


Your idea would probably send them under


Surprised I didn’t get a flag for this tbh

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For the small % I would doubt it. But it can’t be proven either way :man_shrugging:t2:

For the record, I don’t think this is a good solution, but it’s a way to look at what can be done IF the minimum spend must exist.

I see three options:

  1. Minimum spend remains
  2. The store absorb the costs
  3. The store pass costs on (bearing in mind a fee is illegal)


It’s always helpful to know where everyone’s coming from as the information can be helpful for others on the forum who are like me not UK based and there are a significant number of them. Don’t know why it triggers you so much

If anything comments like yours making blanket statements on stuff that varies from country to country, without any context are potentially misleading

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Sort of proving my point there bud :roll_eyes:


Which is?

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Like I said - feel free to continue but I’m not engaging further in that part of this chat!


Well, given your accusations without any substance to them, which you can’t explain, it seems you just get easily triggered for no apparent reason. Let’s leave it at that


What is your point? I didn’t understand it then, I don’t understand it now. I did mention it in the comment you’re replying to, so I can only assume you’re being sarcastic. No one else besides you seemed to understand the sarcasm however, so you didn’t seem make any sense then as you don’t seem to now.

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How do retailers get rid of bin end stuff, taking up warehouse space.

Portugal must be bargain-free.

Hang on how does eBay work in Portugal?


After a certain time on stock, which varies depending on the category of the product, they can write it off and sell it for whatever price they want to. There are also some exceptions for some types of products that may get outdated by new technology or for food products when they are very close to the expirity date.

There are also creative ways around it, like loading the discount to a loyalty card to use in future purchases, instead of a direct discount

Not sure what you mean, there is no Portuguese eBay page and obviously none of those laws apply to used products or private sellers

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If I’m paying by card, why should I have to pay for other people using cash? (Cash handling fees can cost more than contactless card fees.)


Because small businesses often fail to see the bigger picture, which is one of the reasons they’re a small business.

They don’t see a charge for cash transactions individually because they do it in bulk. When they have an even lower charge for cards, it’s visible and bothers them more. Then they seem to exaggerate the charges in the mind and say it costs them an unrealistic fixed fee amount where they end up making a ‘loss’ on each transaction.


I’m not arguing about what costs more or less. Just that if I’m using the payment method the merchant figures costs him less I shouldn’t be subsidising the payment method that supposedly costs more.

As an aside from that, if I’m a small merchant and at the end of the day I go to an ATM to deposit cash, the cost was zero. So where is that supposed cost of handling cash? Be mindful Im not talking about a larger business that would need to hire a security firm, etc.


I covered this above. They use the cash to pay staff and suppliers so it costs them nothing

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Only if you either took no time to deposit the cash or take no payment from the business for yourself (ignoring the opportunity cost of the time itself).


Or pay yourself in cash (obviously through the books) and use the cash in tescos