Mini Roadmap

Quick heads up on the main projects we are working on for the rest of 2015:

Top up with Judopay

  • No more faffing around with bank transfers and having to wait for the payment to go through. Just top up with your preferred debit card - or with Apple Pay - and have the money averrable on your Mondo card immediately.
  • Available end of 2015.

P2P Payments

  • Send/receive money to friends also using Mondo. We believe that giving money to friends and sharing bills should be as easy as a tap on a button. First version will focus on sending money between Mondo users.
  • Available early 2016.

Spending overview

  • It is almost a month since we started using our Mondo cards and we are excited about the insights we can now get from the data. So we have a design project going where we try to find the simplest yet most powerful way to help you understand your spending habits without drowning you in graphs and data
  • Available early 2016