Migrating to new Phone with Business Profile

I’ve just got a new phone. I’ve always used my work email to log in to my Monzo account as it’s my business.

The device policy app on my new phone sets up a separate work profile and gmail app (we use g-suite) that does not seem to link to the Monzo app.

When the magic email is sent it goes to my work gmail but the link then doesn’t work in the app.

It’s so wierd any ideas?

Are you able to ring them and have them authenticate your devices login? I don’t see why this wouldn’t work - Are you using MDM to manage the device centrally? You could try Bluemail if you’re on Android (it sounds like you are) sign in to your gmail business account and try use the magic email link there.

Unfortunately you can’t seem to “open with” outside of a work profile like you can with “share” (see below, you can simply tap “switch to personal profile”)


I think you’ll probably have to add Monzo to the permitted apps for the work profile and install it there.

You could try logging into gsuite via the non-work account web browser and click the link from there.

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