Microsoft Project Natick

Read about this ages ago, seems like a good project.

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Have been following this for a while. If it works then it will save huge amounts of money and energy. One to definitely watch.

I think it’s good but I wonder what would happen if these were placed in ‘international waters’. How would law enforcement get access to them or is all that a myth?

Good question. I suppose it would be down to how much do they want the information it holds. They would need the right equipment to find it, retrieve it and then extract it from the bottom of the sea.

If they want it that bad then they would do it but would be a waste of time and resources in my opinion.

But from a legal standpoint could they just go down and get it and say FU international waters…

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I suppose they would need to know that it held the information they wanted before they breach international laws etc

I thing this would be a way to stop the feds grabbing data and the likes of the pirate bay gettin raided all the time.

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