Microsoft is acquiring GitHub

Microsoft expected to confirm $5bn GitHub acquisition today


I’m ignoring this until I’ve heard anything set in stone.

While I’d prefer Microsoft to not buy GitHub, I’m not (yet) about to import everything into GitLab like everyone else has been doing. (

If they do acquire GitHub, i really hope they don’t ruin it :man_shrugging:, that being said Mirosoft are doing a lot of the right stuff recently.

I might be biased as a .Net Developer. But as a .Net developer who despises Windows its nice to see them come such a long way in the past couple years. The fact I can develop and deploy an application without touching Windows now is the biggest breath of fresh air.

We’ll see what happens I guess!

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Confirmed now

Also from Microsoft.

If anyone had to buy Github Microsoft is probably the best candidate right? Facebook would be horrible, Google have their ups and downs and Apple would never go for it?

Very sad news.

We all know what happened with Skype and what kind of “quality” software Microsoft is lately producing (see Windows 10).

Thankfully Bitbucket and GitLab are still there.

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Yeah but M$ were a very different company when they acquired Skype. Not that it’s any better now, but they are heading in the right direction. SatNat has really turned the company around!


Eww, we still try to use Skype at work, lack of notifications, occasionally not sending messages, completely failing to format messages. Then you get on to the video/audio which sometimes just doesn’t work for no reason at all.

Weirdest bit is you can be sending messages, then randomly new ones deliver to your phone, even if you’re actively using desktop…

I hope they don’t kill GitHub and at least VSCode seems okay!

Skype for Business (ex Microsoft Office Lync) is bad but it’s nowhere as bad as consumer Skype, so consider yourself lucky.

Couldnt agree more, Microsoft are really moving their development community in the right direction recently. I hope, and I’d like to think they wont mess this us.

I get the whole “once scorned” point of view, but people will always hold them accountable for their mistakes. I’m sure they’ll tread very carefully to not make them again.

This thread on twitter kinda sums up my views on the whole acquisition.

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In a more readable format

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