Microsoft Flow

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Does anyone on here use Microsoft Flow?

Trying to setup a simple approve/reject flow but doesn’t seem to work.

Basically I want it to grab and attach a file from a folder on my desktop send an E-Mail with subject e.g. APPROVE (file name)

E-Mail body: Approve File with Yes/No options

(Richard) #2

I had a play with this when trying to set up a new process for my business.

I quickly gave up.

So in a word. No.

Sorry :man_shrugging:

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It’s well hard even when using the templates lol

(Richard) #4

Yes it is.

I wanted a process whereby if a document in SharePoint was finished, it would go for approval to several different people.

Was so difficult and even when I did get it to work it was sporadic.

Just gave up in the end. Couldn’t be arsed.

(Adam) #5

I use MS Flow :slight_smile:

Have about 20 different Flows which connects to DevOps, ServiceNow, O365, SharePoint, Teams, Trello and Jira.

I don’t believe MS Flow can access your computer, you would need to put the file into something like a SharePoint site

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I have O365 Enterprise E5

My desktop is sync’d to OneDrive for Biz so I was going to use a folder as the trigger

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #8

Couldn’t even setup a Flow to send an email to everybody when there was new post on a Blog site within Sharepoint… It seems like Micro$oft reinvented IFTTT but without the final “T” (or with deep links to their own platforms, grumble grumble)

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They should rename it

If This Then Don’t

(Tom ) #10

We use flow a fair bit at work to fill gaps /easy automation. Also scales remarkably well for large production workloads

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Do you use it for yes/no file approvals?

(Adam) #12

Just created the below and it works.
It takes a file from a one drive folder, gets approval, once approved it moves the file to an approved folder.

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Is this a link or the actual file?

(Adam) #14

its a link to the file

You can also use the ‘send email with options’ instead of the ‘approval’ option. You’ll need to use this option if you want to attach the document as ‘approval’ doesn’t support attachments

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Yeah I’ll need this then as we all read files on mobiles so is faster that way.

Thanks for the help

(Adam) #16

Once approved, what do you want to happen?
Also is it a single person approval?

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Once approved just a simple yes/no response would suffice.

Single person approval so I’d set up for a few departments same flow though

(Adam) #18

In its simplest form, the below flow should do what you want:

email received is:

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Ok I got it working, just have to figure out the text and for some reason Approve said rejected?

(Adam) #21

Attach a screen grab and I’ll have a look :eyes:

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