Microsoft acquisition of GitHub approved


For those of you who use GitHub, will you continue to use it with Microsoft in charge?

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On the topic of Github, they must’ve had a fun time yesterday…

I don’t see why not, although I use bitbucket for day to day work. Microsoft have really started embracing open source - just look at how awesome VSCode is!


Oh it was…

My team at work put all pull requests on hold for yesterday as we just couldn’t rely on what GitHub was showing us…

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It makes me uncomfortable, I’ll admit.

Microsoft may be improving its image to developers, but it’s still a company that abused an ignorant legal system to put the owner of an e-waste recycling company in prison this year.


It makes me uncomfortable too. I try and avoid Microsoft products wherever possible.

In my opinion, most Microsoft software is garbage. Terrible terrible UX’s.

When they bought LinkedIn I chuckled because they’re so well suited together.

Although, I won’t just needlessly walk away from GitHub. It’ll only be if Microsoft does something stupid that spoils the product.