Metallic card

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Its possible for an extra cost to get an metalic card from monzo ?


or one carved out of wood?

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It is not. The cards come only in hot coral right now and will do for the foreseeable future in to the full debit card and current accounts.

Aside from cost, a lot of alternative materials have issues with EMV chips or contactless antennas, even the American Express’ metal cards that I’ve seen recently now come with a plastic version to use in payment terminals or ATMs.

If you would like, we can move this thread to Feature Requests.

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Why not … ? If im willing to pay ? … i choose monzo because is something different then others so monzo have to complay with new wishes … it will be NICE SOMETHING DOFFERENT .somethinf NEW


I don’t know about Monzo doing it because I am sure there are a million other things they will want to look into before metallic cards but I know that it’s feasible. The metal amex work just fine in atm and payment terminals no need to carry any plastic version of it.

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