[Meta] Login to Monzo Community without making a new account

I dislike creating logins for things like this. Thus, I’d like to see something in the app that gives you some sort of temporary login token to submit a new idea. Ideally a Chrome Custom Tab could be launched to avoid forcing people to open up a browser. It could be linked to the user’s bank account, such that Monzo staff would know, validating the user as a customer.
If the user wanted to stick around, the aforementioned token could be optionally linked to an email address. This would still enforce registration if someone wanted to stick around and interact lots, but they could avoid it if they only wanted to suggest one feature/make one comment.

I can’t see this being popular as very few people use their real name on here - they prefer to use an alias. But let’s see :slight_smile:

On a side note… Have you considered using a password manager?

It creates accounts and logs you in automatically :slight_smile:

I should have been clearer, but didn’t intend on such a system linking the account holder’s real name. Hell no. Something like “monzouser12345678” (or some randomised, unique identifier) would be fine.

I do indeed use a password manager! I just don’t like having a login I’ll use twice or whatever. It seems inefficient to keep things around. Plus, as much as it’s unlikely - and I do always use strong and different passwords - it’s always possible that somewhere I made an account will get hacked and I’ll get some spam to the email address I used. Even if it is a secondary or other email account of lesser importance, such a thing would be an annoyance.

I think you’d find that a lot of people would be against any kind of link to their account.


Out of the 44,489 users we have on this forum I think 44,488 would not wanted it linked in anyway to their actual bank account.

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Fair enough. It needn’t be permanently linked. I’m perhaps explaining it badly or imagining a poor implementation. My thought was essentially a temporary login token that would allow a customer to tap something within the app and be allowed to post to the forum, without needing to create create an account here. Perhaps for a single issue/something they’d only want to post about once.

If there was some - perhaps anonymised - way for Monzo’s system to know that it was a customer, trolling would be less likely as they could have the right to post on the forum removed. Again, if everyone hates the idea, fair enough. Just a thought.

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Sounds like a perfect solution to allow someone to troll other people on a forum with zero accountability or link back to themselves directly :+1:

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The key issue is the forum isn’t really managed by the bank. It’s more a free for all where you have a few (unpaid) helpful customers helping out.

Unfortunately Monzo don’t really engage other than to start a thread saying what do you think about x and then never bother to revisit or get involved in the discussion.

Help isn’t really help, its a redirect to “go on chat if you want to talk about your account”.

Feedback and Ideas, don’t really get implemented.

Occasionally you might stumble on @AlanDoe or another staff member, buts its incredibly rare to see them joining in with the discussion like @simonb and the other original crew who have now moved on / taken redundancy used to do in their spare time.

The other 95% of the forum is filled with random crap where people probably wouldn’t want it tied to their bank. Then theres the added security issues from making a connection.


Ah, fair enough! I assumed that Monzo ran the forum. I should have realised that wasn’t the case, given that the register page for the Freetrade Community looks the same. I suppose it’s not surprising that they’d use an off-the-shelf solution.

Yeah they use the https://www.discourse.org/ platform.

Its a shame they never really got involved, they did when they had just a couple hundred thousand customers and they app was being developed with customer feedback, and things were changing daily.
That was a few years ago now.

For the last couple years Monzo has stagnated, legacy banks have caught up. Things have turned a bit sour, people left and now Covid hitting it.

Starling took the decision to close theirs back in the day, probably the right move.

But yeah the forum software is the go to solution, others I use are T212, Curve and fintechtalk. I did use Freetrades until I got banned by their CMO.

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I know that @Dan5 pops in to help when he can but he’s in the FunCrime team I think?

Typo - meant FinCrime obvs!