Merge needed for various Microsoft / Xbox vendors

Hey guys, I’ve tried manually sending suggestions via the app for Merchant name changes on these transactions and whilst some have changed, many have not making it difficult to group or keep track of these. I buy lots of digital games on Xbox directly from Microsoft either directly through my Xbox One console or from (now they’re redirecting to for Xbox transactions) and I get those from various Microsoft regions for pricing reasons. The problem I’m having is that every time I do it seems to show up in my Monzo feed with a different merchant and these aren’t linked together. At present I have entries for “Microsoft Xbox”, “Microsoft Store”, “Microsoft”, “Microsoft Xbox Office” (originating in Brazil), “Windows Store” (note I don’t use Windows and this was another purchase on the Xbox console). So as you can see at the moment my feed is a real mess and it’s not really giving me any insight to monitor my spending with them.

As Microsoft now seem to be centralising their digital purchases across platforms to could I suggest that all these disparate entries are merged and linked to a single “Microsoft Store” vendor?

On a related note the “Microsoft Store” entry doesn’t parse to search correctly when clicking on the store history. So it provides zero results.

Yeah, that happens with names that contain spaces, we’ll do our best to fix it. Thanks for reporting it.

Meanwhile, you can find it in the merchant list, that should work :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply Hugo.

With regards to the part about merging all the different Microsoft / Xbox entries into one vendor is that something you’ll be able to implement? It’s going to seriously impact the usefulness of the app if not as a lot of my spending is done there and having stuff split across so many different and unlinked vendors for what is the same thing will be an unfathomable mess.

I’d like to also recommend this. Since Xbox One and Windows 10 especially, everything is being merged in to one Microsoft Billing platform. This includes Xbox Store, Windows Store (these two in the slow process of being merged), consumer Office 365 subscriptions, Xbox subscriptions, Windows licenses, the actual Microsoft hardware Store, etc.

The exception to this is Microsoft Azure. That will continue to use a more corporate friendly custom billing platform.

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Yeah it’s very confusing right now, especially with variations depending on the region the billing originated in, but until they’re fully merged hopefully monzo will be able to help us out here. I see at the moment if I click on Windows Store entry from buying Uno on console it classes as same vendor as the Microsoft Store entry for some Metal Gear Solid DLC on console. So hopefully that means it will be possible for them to merge all the other variations too and just display them as Microsoft Store in the feed.

Incidentally OneDrive also appears to be separate right now. Would make sense for them to keep that separate as a subscription though.