Merchants & Banks Who Don't Yet Recognise the Monzo Current Account Sort Code / Debit Card (open Wiki)

I’ve created this Wiki which anyone can edit, at @connorianreilly’s suggestion (& having checked with the team), as a place for the users in the current account preview to share the merchants who don’t accept / recognise the new Monzo Sort Code or BIN. There’s also a section for the banks that aren’t letting Monzo users get set up as payees yet either.

Monzo’s BIN is the 6 digit number at the beginning of your card (535522) & if the merchant’s database is out of date, they’ll typically identify it as a prepaid / credit card, rather than a debit card. We’re listing these issues under the “card acceptance” header because @Louis.cox has let me know that most issues with merchants not accepting the card are likely to be BIN related.

If the Sort Code (04-00-04) isn’t recognised, you’ll usually see a message like “incorrect account details” or “invalid Sort Code”.

Please add the merchant / bank’s name, in alphabetical order, under each of the headers below. If the merchant’s from another country, add the country’s flag in front of their name.
If they do resolve the issue then strike out their name (by surrounding it with ~~ i.e. ~~name~~) rather than deleting it, to let everyone else know that they’re ready to go, then move them to the bottom of the section that they’re listed in.

The sooner we can get these merchants & banks to update their databases the better of course so please do hassle anyone on this list to get this sorted ASAP :wink:

To see what’s changed after an update to this post (when it’ll appear at the top of the new / updated topics list) click the pencil in the top right hand corner of the post.

Sort Code

  • Admiral (Personal Loans) - website & call centre. IT looking into it.
  • ADT Alarms (will call on Monday to see if they can fix it)
  • Apple (Barclays Partner Finance) - can be changed over the phone with Barclays directly.
  • Alzheimers Society
  • ATL Teachers Union
  • Barclays Share Trading
  • Bury Council (council tax)
  • Cambridge Water Company - “Bank Validation failed”
  • Camden Council (council tax) - “The Bank Account does not conform to the BACS Validation routine. (540)” - Fails validation on a new DD setup, but modification online of an existing does work. Can also update via phone.
  • CAMRA (web form only - is accepted when given over the phone)
  • Close Brothers Motor Finance - Spoke to several people, none of whom could help, only to ask me to “pay my balance in full”
  • Direct Line (pet insurance)
  • East Midlands Trains Delay Repay online form - “Look-up bank-address failed. Please enter valid sortcode”
  • (powered by Ticketmaster) “Please double check you have filled your sort code and account number in correctly.”
  • Evinox Residential
  • Exeter City Council (Council Tax)
  • ExtraEnergy
  • Fusion Lifestyle
  • Future Finance
  • GoSkippy Car Insurance (Direct Debit) [They’re ‘looking into it’]
  • Halifax Home Insurance
  • Health Lottery (web account bank details)
  • HMRC Self-Assessment [Accepted for refunds in Sept 2017, unsure about payments]
  • IG index
  • JustGiving (direct debit)
  • Laithwaites Wine
  • Leeds Building Society - Web form to add nominated account to ISA doesn’t accept
  • Legal & General (mortgage insurance)
  • Leicester County Council Council Tax
  • Liberal Democrats (Works on desktop)
  • Life Leisure - Have admitted they only update their database once a year, may accept monzo sometime next year…
  • Littlewoods (online or by phone)
  • Lothian Buses
  • M&S bank - not fully declined - account fails validation and you need to phone up, they will ask you to confirm bank details and that the account supports direct debit payments.
  • MOD. Can’t set up your pay via the military online portal JPA.
  • Next - Can be done over the phone, they need to do it manually until their system updates later this month * Tried 05/12/17 to add online - Not accept - Tried to pay over phone - Not accepted
  • nPower (Via their website) (this was previously striked out, but I cannot get it to work)
  • Paragon Bank
  • Post Office Money - Accepted Monzo account number and sort code for paying back Credit Card by direct debit, not sure about other services
  • Post Office counter - Northfield, Birmingham
  • Relish (UK Broadband). Failed on web form, attempted to contact them by chat which didn’t seem to work. Reported to Bacs 2017-11-23. Talked on phone, refused to acknowledge there was a problem on their end. Website still not working as of 2017-12-17. Still not recognising sort code as of 23/01/18, but did set up a regular payment from debit card as a workaround.
  • Royal London - added back on the naughty list (19/12/17) after they told me they can’t setup Monzo. I’ll try and get us added!
  • Scottish Widows - only doing payments by BACS, not accepting sort code and account number for normal FPS.
  • SSE Home Services (Heating and Boiler Cover) as of 12-Oct-17 (via telephone)
  • Stepchange (Barclays Bank)
  • Student Loans Company (accepted over the phone)
  • Sunderland City Council (Sortcode not on the system)
  • TalkTalk Broadband - Accepted on web form. Claims to be updated. We shall see.
  • The National Union of Teachers (online recognises the sort code during creation but rejects it at the end of the process for not existing. Worked using paper direct debit mandate, so would expect it to work over the phone).
  • - Declines sort code/account number.
  • Tonik Energy - DD appearing in app, but they’re unable to take money. They bill via GoCardless apparently.
  • Unite - Unite Union not accepting Monzo sort code. (Sent them an email asking to update)
  • - They refused to over the telephone too, have asked them to update their systems. Reported to BACS who have said they will raise the issue directly with them.
  • Vision Express - When updating direct debit they ask for a bank and don’t recognise Monzo. Had to use the paper form to do it manually. TBD if that works! - This does work (payment taken this morning) not sure if Monzo details can be changed via website yet?

  • Andrews & Arnold (also known as AAISP) - online form does not accept sort code, need to send details manually. RevK (AAISP’s MD) is looking into this after I reached out to him:
  • Anglian Water
  • Barclays Bank Transfer to CA
  • Barclaycard
  • Barclayloan (system did still not recognise Monzo sort code as of May 18 but you can work around it by making repayments by monthly standing order instead).
  • Barclays Partner Finance - can be changed over the phone
  • - unable to update DD for my gym membership as system didn’t support bank. Emailed support team at Better/GLL who said that “if you wish to join one of our memberships you will have to use a different bank”. Have now raised issue with BACS.
  • BMW Protect - Provided by Allianz - Mandate now seen in app and working
  • BT Broadband
  • BT Payroll
  • BWSF (Healthcare provider) - Website does not accept code, refused to help over phone. Reported to BACS to investigate.
  • City, University of London
  • Cheshire West and Chester Council
  • Clydesdale Bank (Mortgage)
  • Creation Finance
  • CommuterClub
  • Department for Education HR (requires selection of bank name from a list - Monzo not yet shown)
  • E.on Energy - Tried for two months to switch but sort code is rejected online and by phone. Haven’t sent me a paper mandate and no one there seems to be aware of the issue or how to solve it. Reported to BACS and they are currently investigating.
    EON update 19/12/2017 - EON have a bug in their system, you need to call up and advise the call taker to cancel your current Direct Debit and set-up a new Direct Debit. This will then be accepted! It may also be possible to do this via live chat!
  • EE (issue when setting up a DD online. Is accepted over the phone and via live chat). Does not accept Monzo account details online, 30th Jan 2018. (“Please check your bank details are correct.”)
  • EDF Energy
  • English Heritage
  • EverSmart Energy
  • Fineco Bank
  • Google Payments
  • Hammersmith & Fulham Council (Council Tax)
  • Hargreaves Lansdown
  • Hitachi Personal Finance
  • Homelet
  • NGA Human Resources (outsourced payroll provider) (Still issues with self-service online portal) . Have been paid salary successfully in run after raising with Payroll Dept so presume issue relates to self-service portal. *Update 19/09/17 - Was able to set up on the self-service portal after raising with HR Systems, could another person confirm?
  • Nutmeg
  • O2 not recognising as of 25-Sep-17 (via telephone) It’s possible to change DD over the phone and my fist DD was paid out yesterday.
  • PayPal (Bank Account)
  • PayPal (Debit and credit cards)
  • Ratesetter - only allows to change via email or phone, but Monzo is supported
  • Severn Trent Water - Didn’t accept sort code/account number combination for a new Direct Debit. It’s been passed on to the payments team to update as of 16/05/2018. Working as of 21/05/2018 Updated 22/03/2019 tried to set up on a change of DD from HSBC and failed. May be similar to EON issue. Will update once I have more info. Updated 05/03/2020 updated using online portal and worked.
  • Sky Broadband
  • Solarplicity
  • Southern Water
  • Specsavers / LensMail - via phone, Monzo needed to be manually added to DD list - Called 21/12/17
  • Storage King (Betterstore Self Storage)
  • National Lottery (Adding funds online)
  • Toyota Vehicle Finance - Only over the phone for now
  • Thames Water – still not working as of 06-Jun-18 tried via website and via telephone
    18-aug-18 they can do it over the phone, still not on website
  • TV Licensing - still a problem on website and by calling 17/11/17 Working 22/01/18
  • University of Dundee Institute of Sport & Exercise - sort code initially not accepted during CASS due to third party (GBG Plc), accepted after a few emails
  • Virgin Trains East Coast (for inbound Delay Repay payments only)
  • Virgin Media (broadband/TV)
  • Virgin Money (credit card, mortgage)
  • Vitality Health Insurance (accepted through customer support, via direct debit madate)
  • Vodafone (updated fine online 9-Sep-17)
  • Volkswagen Finance
  • Yorkshire Bank, B Credit Card (“We have had dealings with Monzo before, but we can’t accept that sort code or account number”) (sort code accepted thru internet banking 13-Oct-17)
  • ZOPA investments/loans

Card Acceptance

  • Airplus International Corporate Credit cards - spoke to their customer services team and they reject it as they can’t take a MasterCard to MasterCard payment???
  • Aviva - unable to process over the telephone
  • Barclaycard - website says the card is a Maestro and requires either a start date or issue number (neither of which exist for Monzo cards).
    • Setting the issue number to 01 worked for me, as a workaround.
  • Betfair
  • Co-operative Bank ATMs - Reject the card as not recognised after selecting amount.
  • Coventry Building Society ATMs - These reject the card immediately and inform you that the ATM doesn’t support the card type. (Coventry Building Society ATMs are LINK only. Monzo is not part of the LINK network)
  • East Midlands Trains - On-train WiFi purchase through web portal. no useful error from payment provider.
  • East Midlands online tickets - card payment failed apparently due to ‘system error’
  • East Midlands Trains self service ticket machines (this is the case at Derby station) (Seems to be an issue with contactless only. Chip & PIN entry processes correctly.)
  • EasyJet - They might say that the card can’t be taken
  • Eurowings - They might say that the card can’t be taken
  • FlyBe website
  • Hitachi Personal Finance - refuse to recongize debit card and apply 2.5% credit card surchage to payments. Refused to accept that monzo card was a debit card even after complaint raised.
  • IG Index
  • Jackpotjoy - allows deposit to account but not withdrawals (says it is a ‘non-withdrawable card’.
  • MyJar - told over the phone by them that they don’t take Monzo cards
  • Odeon Cinemas - The in-app booking and collection service does not recognise the debit card. There was no manned box office at my local cinema but the kiosk also didn’t recognise the card when paying for popcorn. They stated that it was an “unknown error”. - 20/04/2018 Please can you confirm which cinema this is? I’ve not had issues paying at Crewe and Northwich cinemas, it might be a localised issue.
  • [Paddy Power](Gotta catch 'em all — The Monzo Current Account Preview testing challenge 🏆
  • Playstation Store (card number not accepted)
  • Post Office Cash at Counter
  • Premium Credit - Both the website and over the phone they say that the debit card is an invalid debit card
  • Royal Mint - online shop just kept saying “problem with payment” thought it was because the site was so busy (new 10p coin collection) but as soon as I tried my Natwest card went through straight away
  • Stan James
  • The Pasty Shop (London Liverpool St. Station) staff are actively refusing to let Monzo be used on their contactless machines.
  • TicketClever - as of 16/11/17
  • TSOHOST hosting company - says “Credit card number is invalid”
  • William Hill (Online)
  • Virgin Money - When trying to make a manual payment through their website it says “Sorry, we are unable to validate your Debit Card details now”
  • London Stansted Parking considers Monzo Current account as a Credit Card and not a Debit card and charge £1.20 per booking - this is now illegal even if it was a credit card, so it should be fine now (please check).
  • National Geographic magazine subscription

  • Amex UK
  • Costco (fuel) working as of 08/01/2017 at Manchester Trafford warehouse
  • Dart Charge
  • EE phone network
  • Next online store worked 25 Jun 2018
  • PayByPhone iPhone app - Unable to continue to next screen if Monzo card details entered - Working on 20/04/2018
  • ~~ Pay at Pump petrol pumps~~
  • Red Driving school - Passes to “Verified for visa” page then immediately goes back to checkout and gives an error message This looks like a 3DSecure error, a separate issue
  • Santander Cycle Scheme Fixed with 3DS support
  • Sky Bet
  • Tesco Bank - Spoke to them for about 20 minutes today (30/11/17) and was eventually able to make a payment over the phone, they say that this shouldn’t be an issue for other Monzo users. However, just tried adding it online again and it failed! Will try tomorrow. Formal Complaint raised 4/12/2017
  • The National Lottery
  • Virgin Media / Virgin Mobile - When trying to make a payment using their phone system is says there was a problem worked online as of 22/12/17.


  • Lloyds Bank (in branch only - online, phonebank and ATM work). (Worked on 3rd May 19)
  • National Savings & Investments (NS&I).

  • Barclays
  • NatWest
  • TSB

Credit Check Companies

  • Experian (Monzo is looking into this with relation to Apple Upgrade Program & Barclays Partner Finance credit checks)
  • CallCredit

In case anyone’s wondering how to approach a company about recognising Monzo’s sort code, this (thread) is how James from Monzo did it (he’s confirmed that he managed to get them to accept the sort code over the phone) -

A quick reminder - please do check with a Leader / one of the team before creating topics to report issues related to the current accounts.

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