Merchant logos only Twitter? Local too?

No, it’s a purely manual process at the moment so short of chasing staff around (which I don’t think is fair) there’s not a lot that can be done.


If you message the changes to customer support, they usually change it pretty quick.

Thanks for the advice. Seems weird to bother customer services with this though. I think I’ll just pass and wait until they implement a better/easier option


I’ve only bothered customer serviceswith a Wetherspoons location (they bailed on social media so there’s no Twitter account to send to Monzo) or when it’s completely wrong and no Twitter account to fix it.

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I guess that Monzo is ultra busy right now but I sent few new logos and new name nearly a week ago and they haven’t changed yet. Etsy now changed to “Go Fund Me” too, weird.
I said this in the past but it would be great if you select a number of users to help you clean up/update this. :slight_smile:

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Hi :wave:
Can you give me a pm about that. I deal with merchant reviews and have seen this and am as confused as you are.


Looks like this thread has been quiet for a year and a half, yet the Monzo app is still asking for the Twitter account as the source for the merchant logo.

Are there any plans to support Instagram, too? Twitter does not seem like a popular media nowadays.

Thank you

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You can supply an instagram account as well as a twitter one, in fact you can also just put the url of an image if you wanted. You just need to put the full url in the field rather than a twitter name.


Only came her to say:

“I’ve been tryin’ to give it up but it’s one of those nights…”

I tried “the URL of an image” last month, when the image was the logo for the business and the existing picture (taken from Twitter) was a photo of a bicycle. The business, needless to say, is not a bicycle business; it’s only if you squint at the Twitter photo you can see a small blur on a panel in the bicycle frame which is probably the logo (that I submitted).

Sadly, it would seem that in this case, ‘having a recognisable logo’ is not considered as important as ‘pulling a less relevant image from Twitter’.


One thing to consider when suggesting Instagram as the source for a company logo. It is not possible to click on/enlarge an accounts display picture on Instagram.

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What about Facebook or simply just the company website. Or even a picture file of some sort?

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What about them?

If you’re asking if you can submit these then the answer is yes :slight_smile:

How exactly? On the iOS app I can only see it allowing me to suggest Twitter for logos

You can paste the link to the logo in there anyway.

Yeah i can see why you perceive it that way. That screen could do with some updating there.

Whilst twitter is the preferred method (and if its a twitter logo it will be updated more quickly than others) you can infact paste a link to say a facebook profile and they can use the image from here also

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Just to add some context to this (apologies, only just spotted it!) - eStore is an online store that Plymouth Uni uses to sell a small selection of things to their students and staff (like pay online to replace a lost ID card etc). It’s not particularly well known unless you’re a member of the Uni, and even then I reckon a large percentage haven’t heard of it.

So it would appear Monzo’s logic of choosing the logo is flawed here as it appears to be looking at the first few characters of the merchant and making a decision based on that, or at least in this case…

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does Monzo not update logos anymore?