Merchant logo issue

This, on the surface, seems like it could be a negative for Monzo.

Do logo suggestions go through an approval process?

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How did that happen, I can’t even get legitimate submissions accepted.


Reverse searching the image throws up pages for buying the green wig. Still struggling to see how it got associated with Macmillan. I know wearing green wigs to raise money for Macmillan is a thing…?

It does look like the macmillan green to be fair… Still begs the following questions:

  1. Who submitted this request
  2. Who approved it
  3. Why both parties believed this to be the macmillan logo


Yeah it’s weird it was approved. All I can think of is someone put a @*twitter handle that was similar to @*macmillan and it was just approved. Or someone bought a green wig for fundraising and somehow added it lol.

Either way it’s not terribly scandalous :sweat_smile:

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Not necessarily the right question to ask - one party could have been taking the mick. ISTR a Monzo staff member saying that they do have a number of people who will deliberately submit incorrect edits.

Still, baffling that something like this gets through when I apparently can’t get a nailed-on pub logo through for somewhere I had pizza in Harrogate earlier this month (and yet, weirdly, the other edits I thought were outside shots did go through).

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Macmillan Cancer is an emotive topic. I’d suggest most people who are donating have had some reason to donate, this isn’t a good image to associate with that.

Also, there’s scope for abuse here if this approval has fallen through the cracks.


It is likely from one of their ‘fun day’ fundraisers :man_shrugging:

Can’t see anyone getting upset about it unless they have coulrophobia or something :clown_face: :speak_no_evil:


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