Merchant Data ie Location and Logo

Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere but I have looked and can’t find this particular suggestion.

I am finding updating location data and logos incredibly frustrating as I submit time after time and nothing gets updated.

An example of which I visited a resteraunt called El Patron in Evansville Indiana USA and Monzo changed this for me to El Patron Londres … thanks!! I have tried repeatedly through the app and through COPs and was helpfully told to submit updated data by using the improve location and logo feature on the transaction. As a beta user of Monzo I don’t particularly like the scripted responses!

I also had my Nisa Local transactions changed to Costcutter again COPs told me to suggest and update in app. I argued that these transactions should be not changed without fact as if this is the case the location and place of transactions is wrong which could lead to confusion and also for someone who needs a statement as proof you at least want your spend to be accurate.

So onto my suggestion, could we not have the submission of logo and location to be all combined with a free text box to at least explain to Monzo why you are submitting the information and what the issue is currently? Submitting location blindly repeatedly obviously doesn’t work.


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