Merchant Data Corrections

A submission has just been updated. I submitted a nicer name for the company as it was all capitals and numbers plus a logo from Twitter. The name has been updated but not the logo. Why?

Also, this is the same store, transactions about 3 hours apart. Just bonkers :man_facepalming:t2:


I get that quite commonly. Did you submit a Twitter handle? I get mixed results sending Facebook or Instagram links but generally Twitter works.

Yeh submitted Twitter. God only knows what’s going on :laughing:

I’ve seen that a few times, maybe the logo is poor quality when importing from Twitter or its round and doesn’t go well in the Monzo square.

Does anyone know of there is an option to submit logos from Instagram/Facebook. There are a few local business I use that don’t have a Twitter account.

Any link to an online image will do apparently.

I’ve sent a few non-twitter suggestions and they have been changed in the past.

I don’t think that’s the case. This one I sent in recently (with a decent Twitter logo) has been updated to this!

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“The Co-operative Food” is still showing in Crewe, even for stores completely rebranded with the new blue “Co-op” design (2016 cloverleaf version of the brand). To make things worse, the one green-branded “The Co-operative Food” (2008 Version) store in Crewe I know of actually comes up as just “Co-op”. :woman_facepalming:

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Really? That seems like a really silly one, because, and I’m no programmer, but surely they could do something along the lines of:

If the reference is:


it is ‘Child Benefit

(# = any numerical value)

Surely it’s that straightforward?


Of the 12-digit transaction number, digits 10 & 11 (ie; #########NN#-Chb) change each month. They increase by 10 each month if my pattern is common. It could be that digit 9 also changes in the same way, but I haven’t received enough payments to have got to that incremental increase yet.

If a background check on the transaction number could be done, using only the first 8 or 9 digits (which never change), this may be possible. But I’m not familiar with the inner workings of the app and how it handles deposits which ‘may be very similar’.

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Another month and yet another Microsoft F’up!!!

Now it is also showing as a location not online transaction!!

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Flying Tiger has never been a bar?!

And hang on, are you admitted in public to going into a Slug and Lettuce? Yuck yuck and yuck.

Honestly though, I think there are always going to be errors with this. It’s infeasible that they get it right 100% of the time. Perhaps some in-app crowdsourcing like Google Maps would work?


Forever looping cycle you submit one to get changed another one gets messed up this has been happening for some time now new tooling is essential for this to be fixed indefinitely.


Why happened with Monzo? Few months ago all was fine… now is total mess with merchants logos and locations

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It really wasn’t!

This has been bad for a long time.


Depends on the person I guess

With a couple of minor bumps, mine is looking fairly well attended to

I suggest praying to the merchant data corrections gods and you may see your faith rewarded :slight_smile:

This is a new one — PureGym vending machine (which normally comes through as an online transaction) seems to have mutated into a trampoline park.


None of my updates are being processed…still. So much sadness. No updates from Monzo lately?

Mine aren’t getting done, either :slightly_frowning_face: